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Being greener in business is on trend. For that’s especially for businesses. Doing what you can for the environment is critical as everyone aims. Especially to minimize their carbon footprint. So, how can we decrease the impact a business has on the environment? It will require a bit more effort. However, it will be worth it knowing you are doing the right thing.

So, what are some options for making your business green?

Recycle more

When waste ends up in a landfill it produces methane which is a greenhouse gas, we don’t want that. To minimise the effect of methane and other greenhouse gases, we need to do a better job of recycling. That means exploring new avenues.

Reduce your energy use

Energy consumption is easily one of the largest contributors to a business’s overall footprint. Furthermore, the collective amount of energy used by all business is frightening. The carbon footprint of any business will be made up of almost 50% energy consumption.

How big is your office? Can you downsize you space to reduce energy consumption? Alternatively, you can start installing energy efficient lighting with timer and sensor technology that allows the lights to switch off during certain times.

Being greener in business is on trend. For that's especially for businesses. Doing what you can for the environment is critical as everyone aims. Especially to minimize their carbon footprint. So, how can we decrease the impact a business has on the environment? Toyota Prius eco

Heating and cooling is another huge energy consumer. We do need it, but it can be reduced substantially. Adequate insulation will greatly reduce a power bill. Additionally, heating and cooling systems should see regular maintenance and upgrades. Investing in new technology will always be a way to save energy. Again, timing controls are critical. Ensure that the heating and cooling is switched off before everyone leaves office and doesn’t come back on till the morning. Plus seriously consider geothermal.

Can you reduce the energy consumption of others? Chances are, your business outsources work and uses the services of another company. So, what about their consumptions and sustainability? Always look for the greener option when you are looking to hire somebody. For example, if you are using traditional storage facilities, big companies that consume lots of energy and produce tonnes of waste, look for a greener alternative. Sites like Spacer offer an eco-friendlier option through the use of real people’s homes.


Many organisations will produce a large portion of their carbon footprint through day-to-day processes and their supply chain. When you buy a product, there is emissions associated with that product. The production, transportation, use and even the disposal of the item.

The more extensive the supply chain, the more emissions will be produced. All companies should do their best to implement sustainable practices and processes to minimise the effect their company has on the environment.

The best way to approach this is to identify and prioritise actions based how much they impact the environment. You might even save yourself some money by changing critical stages in the supply chain.

Business travel

Some companies will send employees all around the world when it isn’t that necessary. As well as recycling and consuming less energy, your business can be doing extra things to stay green.

With the technology we have today, many business trips don’t need to occur. Each trip could easily be replaced with a simple call or video conference. A business will have business travel policies and procedures that can be updated. Cutting the amount of flights in half can help the environment. Add it up over 5 or 10 years, and you have done something fantastic.

Fuel use

Fuel use can be attributed to a number of things, travel, company cars, public transport, the supply chain and other things depending on your business. To minimise fuel, you must encourage employees to choose a different option. This is easier said than done. Do you introduce incentive? Do you encourage carpooling?

Maybe consider getting a hybrid, Plugin hybrid or all Electric Car!

Always strive to do your part for the environment. Going green could be the element that separates you from the competition.

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