Helping the Environment: What Can You Truly do as an Individual

Climate change is real, no matter if Trump administration would admit it or not. The fact is that the world has never been as polluted as it is today. As a result, it’s changing the very way our planet functions. From extinction of some animal species to greenhouse gas. In addition, the impact humans are having on nature is immense. While it’s unlikely that a single person can change anything, it’s vital that every single one of us does our part to reduce energy consumption That’s what’s in their power to reduce pollution and help the environment.

So here are some of the tips you can implement in your everyday life in order to slow down the rapid destruction of our home planet.


Drive Less


The last decade has seen a decrease in the number of people that are driving, instead opting for alternatives such as public commuting, biking, and walking. This is nowhere near enough though, as cars are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas. While it’s true, everyone needs to drive from time to time for longer distances. However it’s also a fact that most people could cycle to work every day instead of driving. So there are multiple ways you can at least reduce how often you use your care, some of which are:

  1. Public Transportation – The math is clear, if a hundred people use the same vehicle instead of each of them driving it significantly reduces the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.
  2. Carpooling – This is another trend that’s becoming more powerful. Share a ride to work every day with someone and you’ll all be contributing to safer environment.

3. Cycling – This is one of the most environment-friendly ways you can commute to work, especially if your office is equipped with a shower and a bike parking.

Don’t Waste Food


Believe it or not, an average American household wastes about 40% of all food that they buy. We all know how many people in the US are struggling with weight-related issues, yet we rarely get to hear just how much food is wasted. The amount of food waste produced in the world each year could be enough to feed about 1 billion hungry people, most of which are in Africa and Asia. To add salt to the wound, not only is food waste turned into a greenhouse gas (methane) once it reaches the landfill – but wasting resources that went into the production of that food also contributes to global pollution.


This is why it’s important to stop wasting food, which won’t only go a long way helping the planet, but it will also save you quite a few dollars when it all adds up.

Plant Trees


Trees are absolutely vital for us to survive on this planet. Not only do they create oxygen, but they also clean the air and provide the much necessary protection to wildlife. Trees are also in charge of preventing soil erosion, a problem we see more often now that in parts of the world that are often hit by floods. Planting a tree isn’t difficult nor expensive and it can even contribute to increasing value of your property. Another reason to plant trees in your front yard is to have your house protected from the street noise as well as the dirt that may come your way from the street.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Besides wasting food, human society is also very used to wasting a lot of energy – which can have a great impact on the environment. You can therefore reduce energy consumption in your home by using smart power strips in order to cut the energy consumption of appliances on standby.


Another way is to use LED bulbs instead of the old bulbs. Furthermore or you can use window awnings to cut the air-conditioning usage. Consequently and all in all, by spending less energy you’ll help the environment. Finally and save a couple of dollars while doing it.

Bottom Line


In conclusion, humanity is currently at the crossroads. We’ll can either significantly change the way we live. Or we’ll face extreme consequences in the future. Global warming isn’t only going to affect the temperature on our planet, it’ll also bring floods and cause entire species to migrate. The sooner we realize just how damaging our presence has been on this planet the better for us. Implementing these tips doesn’t have to be difficult for you. Finally and as long as you’re willing to try, you’ll find enjoyment in going green.

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