At Staples, offering customers more sustainable products and services is an integral part of the company’s sustainability strategy.

Likewise, the Staples Smart-Size Packaging technology is one way the company is accomplishing this goal. As Earth Day approaches, this is a simple way to cut environmental pollution. As well as reduce their impacts on the planet!

Staples goes Smart Sized PackagaingSmart-Size Packaging

So here’s the deal! Smart-Size Packaging (in collaboration with Packsize International’s On Demand Packaging® technology). It produces customized packaging tailored to each order.

Through this smart, sustainable initiative, Staples is reducing corrugated use by more than 15%. Also it’s “void fill use” by approximately 60% across their entire U.S. network.

This translates into a reduction in carbon emissions of more than 25,000 metric tons yearly!!

So Staples also cut their plastic air pillow usage significantly. They also cut the number of pillows by 24%. Finally, the total weight of the pillows by 72% (between 2011 and 2013).

Staples Europe has also invested in a packaging technology called Jivaro. They do this in the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden and Spain (across 12 countries to be exact). The Jivaro machine adjusts the height of the box to the contents inside. Thereby eliminating unnecessary space by about 30% per customer order. That translates into fewer vehicles needed to make customer deliveries.  Consequently which (as we know) translates into less fuel and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally and as we know, Staples is making greener choices!!


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