Nectar Sunglasses Partners with The Bee Clause saving 32 Bees for Each Item Purchsed

Nectar Sunglasses is the next big affordable eyewear brand you need to check out. 

Based in Charleston, SC, Nectar donates a portion of its profits from each sale to The Bee Cause an organization that repopulates endangered honeybees in elementary schools across the US.

 Nectar Sunglasses was founded in 2012 by two surfers whose vision was to design high quality, fashionable shades that could keep up with their lifestyles. At the time Nectar was born, eyewear brands in the $30-$50 price range that were considered desirable and durable enough for long-term use did not exist.

Nectar seized this opportunity by designing a dynamic collection of unisex sunnies that could be taken on outdoor adventures and easily replaced if broken or lost. To make it easier for people to work and pursue their creative passions, Nectar launched its own specialty eyewear collection, available in prescription and non-prescription. The sunnies are available at select retailers globally and online at

Thanks for Nectar for hooking me up on two pairs of sunglasses. I wrote on Instagram with this photo.

Made for thinkers and risk takers, @nectar sunglasses on National Honey Bee Day, partnered with #TheBeeCause @thebeecause

An important part of Nectar’s company values involves protecting the environment and raising awareness of the honeybee decline, which remains an underrepresented cause. The existence of honeybees is vital for humans and livestock, as they pollinate 80% of the world’s crops and their economic value reaches billions every year. Due to parasites and the mass use of pesticides, bee colonies have rapidly diminished in recent years. Since the launch of Nectar’s partnership with The Bee Cause in June 2016, Nectar has helped build over 200 hives, inhabiting millions of bees around the country. 

Then on Instagram For this photo I wrote this:

Another pair of @nectar announcement on @greenlivingguy about the Nectar alliance with @thebeecause for their sales and National Bee Day! #sponsored


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