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Dandelion, which is a geothermal startup that recently graduated X. X is the research and development lab at Google’s parent company.

So they announced a partnership with Aztech Geothermal as its’ first installer. The regions are in the Hudson Valley, Upstate New York and the Capital Region. Yes, I teamed up for a few months with a Google Startup ok I’m still trying to breathe, breathe!

Besides this recent announcement, Dandelion Energy is also connected to one of the largest solar installers. That’s all over the Hudson Valley to Upstate NY. They are called Hudson Solar.

In addition and ON TOP OF ALL THIS; Here’s MORE!

Dandelion is making geothermal heating and cooling affordable. All by introducing a number of process and technology innovations. So that’s including:

a) analytics-based marketing
b) fixed system pricing
c) a low monthly payment option and
d) an innovative drilling method.

In addition, Dandelion’s business model is based on “taking care of everything,” including system design. As well as the installation of home geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Moreover and another cool part of their agreement on installations today, is that the indoor portion of the install. That’s because it gets subcontracted to regional installers. For they are helping regional companies grow their business.

For example, Aztech Geothermal will be Dandelion’s first installer. That’s for its initial regions of the Capital Region and Hudson Valley.

“Aztech has installed geothermal for hundreds of homeowners in the area. I mean many of which we’ve spoken to and who couldn’t be happier about their installations,” says James Quazi, CTO of Dandelion. “We’re thrilled to have them as our first installation partner.”

Under the partnership, Aztech Geothermal will be responsible for all home inspections. As well as, system designs and installation of the geothermal heat pumps. That’s to homeowners with ductwork.

Plus as I stated on my website, a few weeks ago, I know their first solar company Hudson Solar that they’ve teamed up with. They were chosen as a leading provider of solar in the Solarize campaigns throughout most of the Hudson Valley.

Together, these companies will offer homeowners the opportunity to easily get their homes to go 100% GREEN ENERGY. As reported in the Poughkeepsie Journal, Dandelion will use a new geothermal installation process developed at X. All which will convert homeowners away from oil or gas heat. In conclusion, then offer them substantial savings.

Hudson Solar, with its on-site or community solar offerings, can then offer homeowners to lower the cost of solar power. A homeowner with geothermal, solar and energy efficiency can easily go 100 percent renewable. The Dandelion geothermal system will use solar electricity and the ground, as a source of heat and heatsink, to provide a home with heating, cooling and hot water! (BOOM!!)

Let’s put it this way, average geothermal installs cost around $40,000. Dandelion is about $20,000. Now they will also offer financing and monthly payment plans.
Now while solar costs about the same, the finance costs will be really more affordable than the grid.

Finally, if you want more from Dandelion, they have a new blog too called The Drill Down!

In conclusion, I just love that like I love working with this company. It’s totally wicked!! Drill Baby Drill!!
Sources: Dandelion Energy Inc. (a paid client for The Green LivIng Guy), Hudson Solar and Aztech Geothermal

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