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I’m sharing some news from smart energy innovators Smappee and Nest, who have announced a new partnership for US consumers this morning. Smappee has joined the “Works with Nest” ecosystem, allowing homeowners to monitor and control both heating and home energy consumption via one app.

The integration between two of the leading smart home innovators delivers far greater simplicity and value-added services for consumers looking to have greater control over their energy and thermostat use and represents a new step in the transformation of family homes into smart, energy-efficient dwellings.


In partnering with Nest (so big), Smappee has further pushed the benefits of its smart energy monitor Smappee Plus and strengthened its position as the world’s smartest energy monitor.

Combination of smart energy monitor and smart thermostat marks a major step in smart home transformation

Kortrijk, Belgium, February 15, 2017—Smappee announced today that the Smappee app has joined the “Works with Nest” ecosystem, allowing homeowners to monitor and control heating and other energy consumption via one app. Coming on the heels of the launch of Smappee Plus earlier last year, the integration between Smappee and Nest represents a new step in the transformation of family homes into smart, energy-efficient dwellings.

The combination of Smappee’s smart energy monitor with Works with Nest means that families can consult and control both the Smappee smart energy monitor and the Nest Learning ThermostatTM with a single app. “This integration has turned the Smappee app into a virtual command center that allows homeowners to control all their smart energy devices and more,” said Stefan Grosjean, CEO of Smappee.

Smappee monitors home energy consumption and offers suggestions to families on where they can reduce hidden energy costs. Moreover, they can track the complete flow of electricity from all kinds of devices. For example, solar panels, batteries and heat pumps. These insights can help save Smappee users up to 30% on their energy bills.

The Nest Learning Thermostat Let You do More!

The Nest Learning Thermostat offers families more opportunities to operate their heating systems in a smart way. For example, the Nest thermostat automatically sets Eco Temperatures when no one is home. The thermostat keeps the home at the desired temperature instead of constantly switching on and off. Moreover, it takes the weather into account when setting the heating levels.

This integration also enables families to set certain limits. That’s gas and water consumption that are personalized to household members’ habits. The Smappee app warns when consumption has exceeded the predetermined limits—a useful feature when the home is unoccupied. Smappee will also check that gas is not being used unnecessarily when high levels of carbon monoxide are detected from the Nest Protect detector. In other words, the Smappee app protects families with a smart home safety net.

Smappee users already have all kinds of smart home possibilities thanks to the integration of Smappee into various Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. They can connect the devices in their home and control them using triggers.

Smappee continues to work on integrating with additional IoT platforms, smart devices and smart home applications. Since energy savings remain the key focus, this partnership with Nest was a logical step.

“Our houses are getting smarter and smarter,” explained Grosjean. “Smart gas and water management is an important aspect of that. That is why we are so satisfied with our partnership with Nest: from now on, our users can tailor their gas and water consumption to their lives. And that means they save a lot of energy, which is great news for the environment and their wallets.”

Source: Smappee

Smappee develops innovative solutions that foster sustainable energy consumption. Its smart monitors analyze the use of solar energy, gas, water and electricity. They were the first ones to track electricity consumption down to appliance level for all important devices. Users get insights via itemized bills and discover their energy consumption, energy guzzlers, standby power, etc. in real-time. That’s at any time and anywhere via the Smappee app. The Smappee Switch and partnerships with third-party IOT solutions empower consumers to turn their houses smarter. The professional version offers SMEs and multi-sites real-time data on one or multiple sites. It uses the same easy installation and user-friendly app as the consumer version.

Smappee envisions to change its users’ energy habits by making saving energy fun and to reduce their energy consumption without compromising on comfort. This ensures that both the user and the environment benefit from Smappee’s efficiency solutions. The company was founded in 2012 by Hans Delabie and Stefan Grosjean, advocate for renewable energy and energy efficiency, international expert in Smart Grids & Energy Management and founder of EnergyICT – now part of Honeywell-. Smappee has been award-winning ever since. Smappee is headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, and offers its solutions in 85 countries worldwide.

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