The new year is more than here, and it’s a great time to start fresh!

The year 2018 brings many DIY trends that can make your home feel like new again. Some ideas are making a comeback while others are new. No need to hire a designer as the year 2018 is going to be big on all DIY projects. If you like to follow trends or are just looking for some inspiration, make sure to read on and see which of the following DIY trends you can incorporate into your home.

Keep an open mind!

Open shelves in the kitchen are trending. Beside from showing off your dish collection, open shelves make easy access possible when you are cooking up a storm in your kitchen. If you have large and bulky items, this open shelve design trend will provide you more storage space as well. Open shelves look great in modern and rustic kitchens. If you are sticking with your closed cupboards then at least let the doorknobs keep you trendy by changing them to something that will provide some contrast.

Get that lighting right!

Smart lighting controls are already top, and the trend will carry on in 2018 as Smart lights save energy which is great for our wallets and the environment. Automatic controls help you customize the lighting, bringing you the atmosphere you want. And how about making your lighting fixtures? DIY light fixtures is an excellent way to repurpose those old and sentimental items that will give some character to your room.

Trending colors for trending rooms!

Paint, colors, rooms

The fastest way to bring new life to any room is to redo the paint job. Watercolors will be trending in 2018 which is an excellent option for the bathroom or kitchen. If you have white and wood accents then maybe a turquoise will go well, but the choice is yours as there are many water-inspired hues to choose from. On a more serious note, if you prefer something less color full and you wish to add more drama to your overall design or a single area then say hello to black. Yes, black walls are in! The idea is to create an accent wall with the color black. If you don’t want to paint the wall black, then you can opt for black cabinets and doors which will be more subtle but will still give a serious look.

Repurpose your stuff!

Refinishing your old furniture is nothing new, but the year 2018 is asking for more creativity. Instead of just slapping on a new paint color on that coffee table, try and see what else can be made out of it. Find old items and let your imagination go! You can create a chair out of a wheelbarrow, crates can be used in many creative ways, and even PVC pipes can become a work of art.

Bring nature inside!

Plants have always been welcomed in interior design, but this year plants are becoming part of the art. Plants are an inexpensive way to fill a space or make a dull area look great. Many DIY planters can become an exciting feature in your home.

Accent is the wall itself!

Accent walls are now bigger than before. There are many ways to make that one wall the center of attention and the inspiration is endless. Patterned wallpaper, an oversized 3d artwork, large floral designs or an art piece painted directly onto the wall itself are just a few examples of how you can create an accent wall or even a green wall!

It’s all about the materials!

Brass is a great way to brighten up your room. But you do not have to keep it limited to brass materials only as mixing elements will remain popular. Earthy materials like timber and marble is a great way to stay trendy. If a room has many wooden accents, keep in mind that you can mix and match different types of timber as well, it does not have to stay in the same tone.

Brass, doorknobs, diy

Revamping your home with DIY trends in 2018 is a great way to release some stress (for some), as you become creative and save money along the way. It is always a good idea to find some inspiration first by looking at some images or tutorials.