The world is changing and so do the habits of people. As the effects of climate change and global warming become more and more intense and obvious, people become more aware of the impact of their behavior and lifestyle. Each of us needs to try and change something in our lifestyles. We need to adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly behaviors to protect our Blue Planet. 

Every year is marked by a development of green living trends that increase in popularity as the years go by. However, each year new trends emerge. Part of the green living mentality, these trends aim to encourage and urge people to adopt eco-friendly habits, reduce pollution, and the demand for single-use plastics. Recycling and waste management are on the list too. But which are the trends that will be seen this year? Let’s discover together. 

1. The Rise of Generation Z 

According to a assignment writing services, generation Z is conquering the world, after Millennials. Generation Z is also known as zoomers or zillennials and begins to be more present in the world of the environment. Everyone has heard about Greta Thunberg and her climate change protests. Everyone has heard about her speeches at different conferences and the global movement she has started. 

Fridays for future, along with other environmental NGOs, are more and more vocal about the disasters that could happen in the future. Many NGOs were founded in the last years by generation Z. They are determined, stubborn, and know what they want to obtain. 

Many of these organizations and protests have changed the lifestyle and habits of people. And even though the rise of Generation Z cannot be named as a green living trend, is a trend that gathers more and more enthusiasts and activists and fuels change. Which is something we will see this year: change is driven by generation Z. 

This change can be driven at many levels, and one of them is green living. Eating no meat, using public transportation, and reducing your carbon footprint are among the things people are more aware of after the rise of Generation Z. 

Climate change protest

2. Eco-Packaging 

Even before the global pandemic, environmentalists and activists have tried to encourage people to use public transportation, use their food containers when buying food, or reduce their waste, but things have changed after the pandemic. The last year was marked by a huge increase in the amount of waste generated. Because people spent more time inside, they generated more waste. 

At the same time, the industry of e-commerce is on the rise, and the waste generated by the delivery of packages is immense. Even though some companies are using cardboard, which can be recycled, many of them choose the least expensive option: plastic packaging. 

But as experts from dissertation service uk highlight, 2020 was a year that made people more aware of the amount of waste they generated. The trend of eco-packaging is on the rise. As people try to choose environmentally friendly products, brands are trying to become more sustainable. So, using recycled paper, cloths, or other types of eco-packaging is a trend that will gain more momentum in 2021. 

Plastic-free packaging

3. Lab Meat 

The trend of not eating meat is on the rise for quite a few years. Documentaries, videos, or investigative articles show the hidden face of the meat industry and the way people treat animals. They are confined in very small spaces and grown-up artificially, and these abuses made some people not eat meat anymore. However, many of these people are loving the taste of meat. 

To meet their needs without sacrificing any animal, many companies have tried to recreate artificial meat. Meat that is created in a lab and that tastes and looks like meat. Moreover, it also comes with the nutrients and vitamins meat has, so lab meat will be a great meat replacement this year. 

4. Small Houses 

People consume a lot of energy every day. We charge our phones and laptop, have the light on while we read, cook, or clean. We use energy when we use hot water, as there is a boiler that is warming the water. Which runs on electricity, coal, or wood. If we have big houses, it is natural that the electricity bill will be higher, compared with a smaller one. Following the trend from 2008, when people bought smaller houses because of the financial crisis, comes the trend of tiny houses in 2021. 

As you are more aware of the impact of your choices on the environment, you will want to take care of it and reduce your carbon footprint. Green living is also about minimalism and living only with what you need. And this is why the trend of tiny houses will be on the rise in 2021. 

Moreover, houses on wheels are slowly gaining momentum. Especially during this pandemic, people have realized what it feels like to be locked down in their apartment, without any possibility of going out and enjoying the sun. Houses on wheels allow you to move from one place to another. At the same time, most of them rely on renewable energy. 

5. Sustainable Fashion 

As people care more and more for the environment, nature, and animals, they shift their attention to environmentally friendly brands. Even though many brands would say that their true follower base will stand by them no matter their choices regarding the environment, this is not the case. People are willing to give up their favorite brands if they do not adopt a policy of sustainable fashion. They want to support brands and businesses that have a positive impact on the world and the environment. 

Sustainable fashion is a green living trend that will gain more and more momentum. This means that brands use recycled materials. At the same time, many brands are building their circular fashion policy where they emphasized producing and designing eco-friendly clothes, but also collecting the ones used by people to recycle the textiles. 

Secondhand shopping

Final Words 

Climate change and global warming effects are more and more intense. We will experience more and more heatwaves, harsh winters, hazards, and wildfires, which will slowly destroy our planet. To reverse the effects of climate change we are already feeling, people need to adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly behaviors. Green living is a goal many people have and that comes with new trends for this year. Among these are sustainable fashion, smaller houses and renewable energy, meat created in a lab, and eco-packaging. And one of the main generations that are fueling this progress towards sustainability is Generation Z. 

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