First off, we live in an era that is dominated by innovation and technology without thinking being energy efficient is important. With the help of smart technology and useful applications,, we live efficient and comfortable lives. Therefore, with all of these brilliant innovations, some people are still not utilizing this technology to its full benefit. That being said, saving energy is not just for some, it can be saved by everyone globally. All of us can make efforts to go the eco-friendly way, and it would make a significant impact on the environment and also our energy bills. Energy efficient homes reduce greenhouse gas emissions and unneeded energy consumption and help conserve energy.

The great news is that there are a few ways by which you can make your home energy efficient. Hence, with products and strategies without having to shell out a lot of money. You can optimize the performance of your home by using cost-effective methods.  With a home automation system and smart appliances that’ll help reduce the load. The most effectual way to improve a household’s energy system is to first objectify the home’s structure.  You know, doors, windows, and walls. Secondly, improve the energy systems.  So this is lighting, heating, cooling, and appliances. Lastly, consider immaculate energy generation system such as geothermal or solar. Here are seven ways you can have a greener home.

LED bulb and simple light bulbs.Green background

Use Light Emitting Diode Bulbs (LEDs)

LED bulbs can be a great addition to your home as they save more energy than your regular light bulbs. Nowadays, many individuals are switching to these bulbs because they can last up to 12 hours more than a traditional incandescent bulb. You can also mix the lighting and use some incandescent bulbs and some LEDs or CFLs bulbs, and you will still see a vast difference in your overall energy saving.  An average house uses about 40 bulbs, and utilizing these bulbs is a great way to save money on your electricity bill.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a popular choice for many homes to generate electricity or heat water for homes. Though solar panels are not cheap, they have many benefits. Solar panels help you promote fossil fuel usage and save money on the electricity bills in the long run. They can be installed on the rooftop and cut your cost by generating energy solely through the device.

solar panels being installed for power

Install Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can be programmed to cut down energy.  As well it can efficiently save money in your home. For example, at times when you are not home.  So you can use your smartphone to set the thermostat to low on cooler days and high on warmer days. A smart thermostat is not as expensive. The money you save on your electricity bill by reducing energy can pay back for it in the next few months.

Buy Energy Star Products

Energy Star products, such as television, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines meet energy-efficient mark set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These energy star-certified home appliances help reduce greenhouse gases emission and use 10-15% less energy than conventional appliances. Go for an Energy Star-certified appliance if you wish to replace an appliance soon.

Insulate The Walls And Windows

Insulation works by slowing the rate at with which the heat flows out of the house. This is both during winter or inside the house during summer.  A very energy efficient thing to do year round. If you have conventional walls and windows they probably have no wall insulation. However, you can go for blown-in insulation that can also save energy and be cost-effective. The key is to properly install the insulation.  It comes in may forms.  Such as, materials like cellulose, fiberglass and/or foam.


Cook Smart

You can lose an enormous amount of energy while cooking. To avoid this, use convection ovens over conventional ovens because they use fans to generate hot air and circulate it more evenly; hence food is cooked at a low temperature. Using lids on pans or pots while cooking food will heat the food quickly than an uncovered pan, and food cooked in a pressure cooker reduces time. Thus, making these small changes in the kitchen will help you save energy.

Switch Off Gadgets When Not In Use

An idle desktop computer, printer, coffee machines, fans and microwaves consume power even when not in use. Turning off appliances when you don’t need them will save energy. You can also switch off your refrigerator when you are planning to go out for a long time. These changes will eventually turn into significant savings and save a great amount of energy.

Saving energy and building an energy efficient home is not a very difficult task. With the help of the points as mentioned earlier, you can create a better environment for your family and yourself. It is a smart approach to make small changes here and there to create an impact in the long run.

Author biography:  Arindam Paul is a founding member of Atomberg Technologies, a startup working towards manufacturing unique energy efficient fans and tech savvy products. He is currently heading the Marketing and Long term strategy division at Atomberg and is aiming to disrupt the world of household appliances.

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