Have you ever wondered why our greenhouse gas output and more importantly global temperature is rising?

Or, why cities have the tendency to get most effected by environmental changes. The cause is pollution from greenhouse gases. According to a study done by the American Lung Association, cities with  large metropolitan areas were most affected. The survey implies that there is a high correlation between the rankings of polluted cities and industry output.

In this article, I have listed 3 ways to cut your own greenhouse gas output.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle

This phrase was probably drilled into your head when you were growing up. However, it is one of the most basic things you can do to cut your green house gas output. For example if you own a deli counter, do not throw your meat scraps away. They used for fuel and other resources. One interesting fact about meat scraps are that 2.3 billion of them recycled each year.

You can also cut. reuse, recycle in a more personal way too. When you go shopping for groceries, try to look for products that packed with less material.

Conserve Energy concluded that if families purchased minimal packing, that they would cut their green house output by 2,400 pounds per year. If you are time-constrained, buy reusable water bottles, or shopping bags. No matter which path you take in the recycling world, you will be helping a tremendous amount.

Bristol Biomethane run buses

Use Public Transportation

When I first lived in the City for a summer during college or when I interned in Washington DC. I felt so relieved that I did not have to drive to get where I needed to go. Instead, I was able to take the local train.

However, I did not realize that at the same time I was helping the planet. Instead of having to fill up my car with gas and make sure that my tires were snow-proof, I was able to walk to the nearest local train station with my friends while conversing about sports. According to a study conducted by the United States Department of Transportation shows that cars, suv’s and pickups account for over half of the 29% that the field of transportation emits of greenhouse gases.

Furthermore, the study by the USDT also concluded that the average pounds of per C02 emitted per passenger is less in transit  than in a private vehicle (0.45 vs 0.96). By using public transportation, you are helping reducing your and society’s greenhouse gas output. Also, who knows? You are able to catch up on your favorite podcast, finish your favorite book, or be able to discuss with your friend why your favorite basketball team will win the NBA championship.

Green living guy energy star appliances

Buy Energy Efficient Products

Society’s emphasis to save energy and go green is essential. To reduce greenhouse gas output and save energy, OMG got to do it. Best part, there are many products to choose. Yes choices of ENERGY efficient products to use in your workplace or home more eco-friendly. Organizations like Energy Star certify products that carry an Energy efficient Power use.

These products help you do your professional and personal goals.

Best part, you save so much energy while reducing your greenhouse gas output. Some of the products that sold are simple changes. I mean so simple like ice makers, ceiling fans, and solar water heaters. Talk about an organization that is able to cover all of your bases!

Concerns of greenhouse gas output can be a bit of a complex issue. To begin or first off, there are small steps that you can take. Yes, both your professional and personal life that will reduce your own emissions.

Ask yourself:

If we do not take small steps to take care of our environment, then who will?

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