The New Footwear Company Third Oak.  This company Is Making Simple Choices Count, Because How It’s Made Matters.

Firstly, Third generation shoe maker Sara Irvani is founder of Third Oak.  Third Oak is passionate about changing the footwear industry.  Millennial CEO, Sara believes anyone is great by making simple, conscious choices.  That’s why she is starting with the shoes we wear. Once Sara learned about shoes she was Shocked by the hidden wasteful side of shoe manufacturing.  Then Sara and her team created Third Oak.  That’s Sara’s sustainable brand.  People like that is both attractive and affordable.

Also the product is Truly cruelty free. Therefore, Third Oak shoes are responsibly made in America. They’re made from an innovative, vegan bio-based material. That bio material is from soy. This recyclable material enables a closed-loop recycling process. That will leave the environment safe for future generations. It’s most important to note that Currently, less than 1% of all shoes manufactured in the United States. The worst part, even fewer made responsibly. Third Oak’s local Georgia roots contribute to cleaner air. Can you say with a carbon footprint of 1/200th of the average imported shoe.

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

Hence, Third Oak launches with the brand called Scout. The Scout is a sleek and versatile sandal. It’s designed to experience the world. From the local coffee shop to wherever your adventures. With choices from skin toned nudes, rich metallics and bold tones. Most noteworthy, Third Oak empowers you to look good and feel good about it.

Finally, the brand is for women 15-35 years old at $30-$60 price points. In conclusion, the brand is available at


This company started around March 2018. Most noteworthy, Third Oak is responsibly made in America footwear brand. More important though, This brand that makes athleisure shoes. @explorethirdoak