How to Feng-Shui Your Garden

Stand in your garden and ask yourself how you genuinely feel in its presence. Do you experience feelings of peace, or an air of uncertainty about its design and placement?

J.H.Mckenna (PhD) defines feng shui as a literal translation of ‘wind and water’ – it is essentially the practice of ‘arranging items in their best possible locations and positions’. The secret to good feng-shui is the feelings you experience should be positive ones. Energy within a place or garden can boost mood, productivity and harmony which are all important elements to a great quality of life.

If you feel like your garden could do with a little TLC to boost its overall appearance and Zen – our simple guide on how to feng-shui your garden will give you some insightful pointers:

Define your ‘Bagua’

A Bagua is known as an energy map consisting of 8 trigrams (originally used in Taoist cosmology). The ‘compass’ principles within bagua can very much apply to your garden, with each point corresponding to a particular goal or emotion:

• North

o Focuses on energies corresponding to your path in life (e.g your career)

▪ By combining stones, rocks or use of water (a running pond or fountain) in the north of your garden is said to encourage peaceful sounds for yourself and family

• North-East

o This spot is the most popular for feng-shui novices looking to expand their personal and spiritual growth. We recommend making use of stones to create meandering pathways to a centre-piece within your garden – like a pond or seating area

• East

o If you or a family member are experiencing hardships with health then focus on the eastern-parts of your garden are used to encourage longevity. By making use of plants, mineral-rich soil coupled with patience for natural plant growth is said to work wonders for health-related feng shui.

• South East

o Feelings of wealth can be achieved by making use of water and wooden elements in this area of the garden. This encourages you and the family to feel ‘grounded’ and stable. Think wooden centrepieces like a statue or bench, or even a water ornament like a bird bath.

• South

o The south is said to encourage feelings of popularity or fame. Whilst these may not be the most desired of feelings, these can easily translate to self-confidence. We encourage warm colours such as yellows and reds by making use of sunflowers and tulip plants. Even changing your pottery to terracotta can work wonders for producing these feelings and give the south of your garden a fresh new look.

• South West

o This area is known to invoke feelings of love and deep emotions. It’s common to place boldly-coloured plants like roses or holly here, coupled with a seating area for your family to enjoy and relax in to.

• West

o Gardens packed with plants and stones based on the west-side of your garden encourage play time and feelings of vitality, which makes your garden a great place for your children to play in. It can even increase bonds within the family by encouraging family-orientated sport activities.

• North West

o The North West is a great spot to rework if you’ve moved into a new home. This area encourages new beginnings, networks and friendships. Place substantial seating areas fit for gatherings, and accessorise it with pale-coloured accessories like wind-chimes to encourage a peaceful atmosphere.

A chill-out spot

Seating is imperative to any garden and can further reinforce your desired feng-shui. Seating allows you to relax and absorb the feng shui, silence or faint noise you have installed in your garden space. We generally recommend natural materials to encourage an earthy, grounded element to the southern regions of your garden however any bagua you choose will be highly complimented by any seating or bench area you add to it. Northern regions with a seated area can invoke both tranquillity and socialisation – making it the perfect essential for your garden.

Outdoor fountain

If you truly want to increase positive feng-shui then water features are no stranger to this practice and are a go-to for a simple change in your garden.

Water symbolises the flow of life, and is perfect as a visual and audible pleasure. If you’re more in-tune with nature then we highly recommend wooden water-features, particularly in the southern regions of your garden. If you prefer a modernistic feel then opt for stone or metallic water features that would work wonders in the North.


It’s all about harmony and making things work together. If you find that certain colours are contrasting or ‘washing out’ with one another then add simple accents with the use of neutral or boldly-coloured objects (depending on the colour-coordination issue you’re experiencing) such as outdoor art hangings, wind chimes, or dot statues of objects you like around these areas to accent the area you’re having most trouble with.


No ‘feng-shui-ed’ garden is complete without a set of wind chimes. If you’re not a fan of the loud clanging noises then we highly recommend dotting small wooden chimes around your garden by handing them on elevated plant pots, hooks or sheds. These create an atmospheric yet subtle sound that isn’t overpowering. We highly recommend placing them in the North and western regions of your garden.

Read more about how the bells and rods of your wind-chime can affect the energies you’re trying to achieve.

Light features

Solar-powered lights are good for your feng-shui as they harness energy naturally (and make your garden look delightful in the process). Lights are known to add a ‘fire’ element to your feng shui which is beneficial for feelings of activity and excitement, but can also reinforce the placements of objects in accordance to the bagua you are trying to achieve. We highly recommend balancing out your garden with lights; never leave it too dark as you want these positive energies to flow day and night.


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