How to Make Your Yard Safe for Everyone When Warmer Weather Hits

First off, as a parent, you’re likely diligent about making your home safe for children and pets. You install childproof locks on cabinets and doors, store medication in locked areas, and use nontoxic cleaning products. It’s just as important to make sure your yard is safe for all members of your family. Therefore, these tips will help you get started now. That means, chill, we got this. You will rest more easily when warmer weather hits.

Install Fencing

When your kids and pets play outside, they likely chase one another and wind up in the neighbor’s yard or too close to the road. To ensure their safety when the weather grows warmer,install a fence. Fences make it easier to manage the people and animals in your yard and add privacy to your property.

Hence the good news is that you don’t have to wait for spring to install a fence. Yup! As well or in fact, you can do so as soon as the ground is no thawed out.

In addition, when selecting your fencing material, consider your reason for wanting a fence. If you want privacy, choose a wood or vinyl fence at least six feet tall. These fences are free of gaps that young children and pets can squeeze through, so they are an ideal choice for protection, too.

Also, make sure that your children and pets cannot climb over your fence and that it extends far enough into the ground to prevent any of your pets from crawling or digging under it. This way, you also will prevent other pets or animals from digging under the fence and getting into your yard.

Childproof Your Swimming Pool

If you have a pool, consider how to make it as safe as possible for your entire family. Most local governments require homeowners to install fences to improve pool safety and help prevent kids and pets from accidental drowning. But, an extra precaution is to install a pool alarm. There are several types of pool alarm systems available today. Some alert you when any door or gate leading to the pool opens. Others connected to your house alarm and sound when there is movement in the pool area. Still other alarms detect movements and disturbances in the water.

According to Good Housekeeping, “alarms can alert parents to emergencies before it’s too late.” They recommend using pool alarms and pool gates for extra protection, especially to prevent children and pets from wandering too close to the pool and falling in. While alarms are not life-saving devices, they do alert parents and give them time to take action. For more information, check outThe SafeWise Report, which lists pros and cons of various pool safety devices and recommends popular models.

Improve the Safety of Your Swing Set

Many families install backyard playgrounds and swing sets to give their kids exercise and offer aplay space at home. Parents can take steps now to make sure that this area of the yard is safe. For example, put a soft surfacing underneath and around the equipment. Many parents install the sets on grass, but it does not absorb shock the way that rubber mulch does.

If you’ve already installed safe surfacing, check it before the weather gets warm to make sure you have enough. A general rule of thumb is to have at least three inches of rubber mulch under your play equipment.

You also should make sure that your wooden play set sanded and sealed before the weather improves enough for regular play. Over the winter, the play set exposed to harsh elements that can warp the wood or damage its surface. Inspect it and sand edges and corners to prevent splinters.

You also should stain or seal the wood to help protect it. While you are inspecting the wooden frame, also inspect the swings, slides, and other equipment. Make sure nothing damaged over the winter that could pose a safety risk to your children, and make repairs before they play.

You can take steps now to make sure the safety of your children in your yard when the weather gets warmer. Install fencing to protect your kids and your pets. Then, childproof your swimming pool with pool gates and pool alarm systems. Finally, improve the safety of your swing set.

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