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Let’s just start off with I’ve been eagerly waiting to test the BMW 530e Plugin hybrid electric car since April of 2017. You know, like when it got announced!

As BMW reported back then:

The BMW 530e Plugin Hybrid is based upon “iPerformance”. It’s a sporty sedan M Class preferred which gives you crazy dynamic BMW driving. THAT’S SO THAT BMW experience.

Anyone who has driven the car knows exactly what I mean. Oh yes, you can tell you’re in a BMW when it comes to combining electric driving with zero emissions. That basically means folks 13 maybe 15 miles of all Electric. If you only do in town miles you will get around 31 Miles with regenerative braking. Then expected 35 mpg.

BMW 530e Plugin Hybrid Electric performance Car

So, it seems like (to me) the BMW 530e Plugin Hybrid iPerformance is hybrid like. I mean yeah, like the old Toyota Prius plugin of about 13ish Miles of range. Yet, we are talking about the most innovative model BMW 5 Series. Including in eDrive. Boom boom boom!

These systems are complemented by all the available comfort-enhancing features and excellent long-distance driving credentials, including a boot that can hold ample luggage for trips away. As for its power source, trailblazing BMW eDrive technology teams up with a BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine to create an exceptionally economical and powerful plug-in hybrid drive system that fits perfectly with the dynamic, smooth and efficient character profile of the new BMW 530e Plugin hybrid 5 Series.

While this plugin started at $51,400, said vehicle tested had an MSRP of $66,480.00.

The combination of motor and engine keeps the CO2 emissions of the BMW 530e iPerformance very low at just 44 g/km. The overall system output of 252 hp and combined peak torque of 310 lb-ft propel the BMW 530e iPerformance from 0 to 100 62 mph in 6.2 seconds. It’s also lock  and load enabled to reach a top speed of 146 mph.

@bmw 5 Series Active Hybrid 5 #activehybrid5 #nyias #ny #bmw5series Virtuoso performance

The BMW 530e Plugin Hybrid iPerformance has a range of up to 404 miles in real-world driving. In ECO MODE about 450. It is capable of covering distances of up to 31 miles purely on electric power at a maximum speed of 87 mph. That’s true. I experienced it. See the MPG below.

BMW 530e Plugin Hybrid perfoamxne Electric Car

Let’s explain it. I started by charging up the plugin range of about 13 Miles. Then drove around my town which is very hilly. One is called Long Hill Road for a reason. Yet the regen braking kept the range in check. So then we get to around 20 miles since tested twice. So after driving 20 miles I only burned 5. Whoa! Then we took another run in another area that’s good for regen. Now we are up to close 50 miles folks! Whoa! Then I said fine! Let’s test on a road. Drove 9A south to the Taconic State Parkway to the Sprain Brook Parkway. Now we are at 55 miles or so. Well when I got onto the Taconic State Parkway is Sport Plus Mode you hardly need to touch the pedal. So now we are over 20 miles on e back and forth and back and forth. The secret is the transmission. The electric motor and gas engine direct their power to the sedan’s rear wheels. This is through the standard eight-speed Steptronic transmission.

Positioning the electric motor upstream from the transmission allows the transmission’s ratios to be used. It’s now not just for gas folks but in all-electric mode too. This dispenses with the need for a torque converter. So big. It’s something that goes a long way. A long way towards offsetting the weight penalty of the additional drive unit.

Thanks @bmwi @bmwusa @bmw for letting me test drive the Performance based plugin hybrid 530e. Results forthcoming in my review but it is a fun car. Anyone who tells you different is wrong. Let’s just say it’s not as much as Plugin hybrid as a hybrids with a cute plug. For those who understand “Foe Shoe”. Yet yet yet LOL I will Be Fair. It got 79 mpg around town here and there. Yet don’t expect a lot of range. Yet if you’re just going to train station, dropping kids off at school or a cup of coffee. Then you’re all EV or around 78-99 MPG.

Finally, Highway trips BEST IN ECO MODE over the entire time from beginning to end. Expect. 35 best mpg.

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