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When I first ran into Barbara Bonilla or Bali’ Rodriguez, I thought ok Supermodel and Vegan but there’s more there than meets the eye.

As we know there is a Millions of people on Instagram. So what makes Barbara special?

Bali Rodriguez (full name, Barbara Laura Rodriguez Bonilla) was born on August 8, 1985 in San José Costa Rica. Why is that important?

Well Costa Rica is one of the first countries in the World to go 100 percent Renewable the majority of the year.


She is also the daughter of ex-Miss Costa Rica Barbara Bonilla and Carlos Rodriguez, the owner of a racetrack called La Guacima.

Bali Rodriguez began modeling professionally when she was 17 years old. She lived in Sydney, Australia for 2 years working on building her career.



She has lived or worked in Miami Beach, Milan, Greece, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich, Barcelona, Dubai, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Singapore. For a while she was my favorite. A City girl. LOL meaning New York City!!

Bali Rodriguez , considered the first Costa Rican model to have appeared in magazines like Shape and Elle. She has also modelled for Pierre Cardin Lingerie, Raoul Fashion, Avon Mascara, Olay Total Effects, Sally Hansen Cosmetics and other fashion brands making her a role model to Costa Rica. She continues to be very public on the international fashion scene.

Bali Rodriguez is also the founder of the first modeling agency in Costa Rica recognized on an international level. I

t’s called Unique Model Management Costa Rica.


Well let’s go through again what makes a Green Living Guy Breakthrough Model?

She’s a vegan activist to start!

“You eat 3 times a day everyday of your life. Yes it’s one of the most important decision you can make to choose eating plants and not animals. These companies are destroying all the beauty of our world.”

According to the Costa Rica Times:

The supermodel left the Big Apple to settle in La Garita de Alajuela, where she adopted a new life style.

She chose to close the chapter of her life dedicated to modeling. She had invested 17 years in her career. Now she has decided to get involved in veganism, protecting animals and caring about Renewable Energy. As stated, she moves on to a new dream. She is opening a hotel for dogs and raising awareness about the suffering of animals. Through her looks, popularity and international support, Bali knows she can make a difference.


Aside from running The Waggers Resort and Spa hotel for dogs, she’s starting a line of handmade vegan products for the country.

She is also trading the spotlight,  Moreover for a life of health, peace and meaning.

In conclusion, Rodriguez also works in activism. Finally and from organizing Anonymous for the Voiceless.  For it’s a group in Costa Rica that’s about peaceful activism to tell citizens about the importance of veganism.

IMBD Facebook is Barbara Laura Rodriguez Bonilla and fan page bali Rodríguez

Twitter Balirodriguez1 and tumblr balirodriguez

From Anonymous for the Voiceless


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