The Planet is in dire need of our help, aka those with a blog audience and influence.  You know, given the ecological situation has been going downhill. Yes, for a while now. The good news is that our society is slowly but surely is becoming more environmentally conscious than it has ever been. And you can give it to it.

It is awe-inspiring how big of a change we can make with a blog audience.  Therefore, by sharing some simple tips with our blog audience. By passing on at least a few ideas of the ones you’ll find in this article, you’ll be able to improve the world around you in ways you never expected.


talk about recycling with your blog audience

Tell your blog audience about the 3R’s 

This almost mnemonic principle is simple to follow and can change anyone’s carbon footprint for good. It’s about reducing, reusing, and recycling the products you use. It’s as simple as that.

This simple principle calls for a more minimalist outlook at buying things, which you don’t really need, not throwing away things that can be reused, and finally, if you can’t use something, make sure you recycle it. It’s a fairly straightforward philosophy. It’s vital that we focus on using things as efficiently as possible.

Promote to your blog audience by asking the right questions

“Although this principle of living doesn’t have any rigid rules, it’s very simple to follow it correctly.  So, by asking the right questions. Suggest to your readers with your blog influence that they ask themselves the right questions.  For example, when making a buy that can potentially harm the environment. For instance, ‘am I going to use this product with maximum efficiency?’, or ‘Do I really need this?’” — says James Daily, writer at Brainished.

There is host of other questions that a person can ask before looking into a more significant buy:

  1. What are the means of transporting and packaging this item?
  2. Are its components made of quickly renewable materials?
  3. Does the product promote waste?
  4. Does the item have a long service life, and does it lessen the frequency of disposal?
  5. Was this item produced via eco-sensitive processes?

Suggest simple replacements to pollutants for your blog audience

There are many items that we use on a daily basis, which we could comfortably live without. They bring no value or comfort to our lives but are incredibly harmful to our environment. Let’s see a couple of alternatives to reducing plastic pollution.

talk about sustainable plates with your blog audience

Why not opt for a portable straw?

So we all know Plastic straws are a natural disaster. Biodegradable straws are a way better solution to talk about with your blog audience. First off, they’re not recyclable. They just aren’t. And it’s estimated that Americans alone are using up to a half billion of them every single day. Furthermore, they aren’t a biodegradable product, so they’ll end up dwelling our soil and oceans for thousands of years. Choosing to use a bamboo straw that is degradable and reusable with doing the Earth a “world” of good.

How about reusable bottles and coffee cups?

Imagine how much plastic you would avoid using by simply opting for a refillable bottle or a reusable coffee cup? You can get them merely anywhere. Suggest your audience to choose those and stress on how valuable their impact would be.

Reusable Shopping bags

There are myriads of reasons to purchase reusable grocery bags to tell your blog audience. First off, a single plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Second, there are up to a million animals that die every year because of this useless habit of ours. There’s no reason to continue using them when you can opt for a reusable one.

Tell your audience about urban farming

This practice is becoming increasingly popular and accepted throughout North America and Australia. It is commonly represented by a small spots of land in the metro areas, where vegetables are grown. There are also more sophisticated and organized gardens that are managed by communities. They harvest up to a thousand pounds of vegetables per season.

talk to your blog audience about organic gardens, using eco friendly mulch, organic topsoil, organic seeds

An essential aspect of urban farming is trying to reduce the number of chemicals and pesticides used in the process. There is something wonderful about growing healthy organic produce in the midst of our polluted cities.

Promote composting among your audience

Composting is pretty much the most natural way of recycling organic waste. The idea behind it is transforming biodegradable materials like leaves, organic food waste, flowers, trimmings, feathers, what have you, into a natural fertilizer that will feed the soil, on which you grow your produce.

It might seem like a complicated process, but it is, in fact, a relatively straightforward procedure. The science behind is that the bacteria on the compost components feed on the compost itself, and metabolizes it, thus producing a rich and healthy product that the soil will eventually feed off.

Hire a good writer

If you have a big following with your blog influence then hire a writer maybe? Yet it’s also a good idea to bring on a professional to write the text for you.  Also, to at least consult an editor to polish your text. Words are important to us. They help us get the point across.

This usually shouldn’t be an expensive thing to do, it’s simply a valuable investment worth making. You can find bloggers that specialize in such niches on websites.  Also ones that host reviews on professionals and writing agencies.  Some examples are like OnlineWritersRating, Canada-Writers, TopAustraliaWriters, BestWritersCanada, and so forth.


Our standard lifestyle has proven to be a poor way of living in sync with nature. It harms the environment around us, kills the creatures in the oceans, and leaves the land animals with poor conditions of life.

There are so many things we can do, which can have a considerable impact on the world around us. The only thing we need to do is spread the word about the ways we can help. People aren’t evil, most of them just don’t know.  They don’t know that the simple habits they have are dangerous for Mother Nature.

You, as an influencer and your blog influence can make a change. It really isn’t complicated at all.

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