Energy Minister Claire Perry has praised OVO Energy’s electric vehicle offering of smart meters. It’s enabled by smart meters. The Smart meter rewards for off-peak energy use.

smart meters get a good grade in this report


• growing number of electric car owners could save and even make money from innovative technology by selling energy back to the grid

• smart energy innovations, including smart tariffs, could save the UK as much as £40 billion between now and 2050

Energy Minister Claire Perry on August 16, 2018 hailed OVO Energy for its “innovative” electric vehicle (EV) products. So it’s enabled by smart meters, which could see millions save.  More interestingly and even make money from their electric cars.

OVO Energy, based in Bristol city centre and London, is one of just a few companies already using smart meters to offer innovative products, such as rewarding customers for charging their electric vehicles at off-peak times. These offers, made possible thanks to a smart meter, help customers use energy at times when there is less demand on the grid, in turn saving money on their bills.

Smart charging and Vehicle to Grid charging could become a cornerstone of the way we use energy in the UK, with more than 8 million people in Britain considering buying or leasing an electric vehicle in the next 5 years. With this technology, customers will not only be able to choose to use energy at the cheapest times but also make money by selling energy from their vehicle’s battery at times when it is most in demand. This will support the growth of renewable energy generation in the UK. Smart energy innovations, such as smart tariffs and smart charging, could save the UK as much as £40 billion between now and 2050.

Also, Smart meters support OVO’s intelligent platform VCharge.  That tech is what enables residential appliances.  You know like electric vehicles, electric heaters and in-home batteries.  Therefore, they help balance the grid and cut energy costs.

Also, Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry also commented the following points.

More than 11 million meters are already empowering consumers.So consumerscan now reap the rewards of a smarter energy system. This is putting homesand small businesses on the road to a smarter future.

Therefore, and most noteworthy, smart meters will be the cornerstone of a cleaner, flexible and efficient energy system.  This will save the UK tens of billions of pounds most likely annually,

New innovative products and tariffs like these will put consumers in the fast lane when it comes to control of their energy use, saving and even making them money when using their electric vehicles.

Also, these products are just one of the ways smart meters save money. They put people in control of their energy use.  By showing them how much energy they use in pounds and pence.  This is all via an easy to understand In-Home Display. With this information at their fingertips watch out.  I mean consumers now can easily understand their bill.  So once that happens, then they can make small changes.  That’s to use less and save money on their bills. So can you say up to £1.2 billion a year by 2030.

More interestingly, at OVO’s offices, the minister also met with their smart meter engineers. Cause they are the ones who undergo thorough the visual safety check.  So they check their gas appliances and electricity supply. As well and the past 18 months alone, installers have raised 430,000 safety notices for issues. Now most importantly, they are not related to smart meters during installation visits as part of the free visual safety check provided.

More than 400,000 meters installed by energy suppliers across Great Britain each month. Consumers can call their supplier and book and appointment to have one installed.

More than 500,000 households in the South West (figures from Smart Energy GB August 2018) have already had a smart meter installed. Therefore, if every household in Great Britain got a smart meter, the UK could save so much energy.  So much that it would be enough energy to power every household in Exeter, Plymouth and Swindon for 2 years.

In conclusion, 82% of people with smart meters say they have a better idea of their energy costs and 8 out 10 people with smart meters say they would recommend them to friends or family.

For more information about the benefits smart meters. Also, to dispel the myths surrounding them view explainer ‘Smart meters - the smart choice


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