Mercedes Building EV Battery Plant Gone Alabama

The EV battery plant – like its after-sales North American hub and a new global logistics center  – will be located in Bibb County. Thereby firmly entrenching the automaker’s presence in metro Birmingham. It will fuel the automaker’s plan to produce electric SUV at a plant in Vance.  Seems to be one of the state’s largest employers.

The new EV battery plant / facility, near the Tuscaloosa plant is part of a global battery production network. That total network is of in total eight EV battery plants aka factories. There are in Kamenz, (Germany), Stuttgart-Untertürkheim (Germany), Sindelfingen (Germany), Beijing (China), Bangkok (Thailand) and Tuscaloosa (USA). The worldwide network of EV battery plants / factories allows Mercedes-Benz to react flexibly and efficiently. That’s both to market demands and requirements. The different sites supply local vehicle production and are ready to export batteries. Most noteworthy and if required, Mercedes-Benz Cars will offer at least one electrified vehicle in each model series by 2022. That will be totaling up to more than 130 models. Mercedes-Benz is about to start the production of electric passenger cars as part of its worldwide electric initiative. This includes the production of an all-electric SUV in the U.S.

Source: Daimler

Furthermore and according to my best friends at PR Newswire, the investment of billions of US-Dollars in the U.S. car production of Mercedes-Benz is paying off. The electric initiative of an EV battery plant by Mercedes-Benz Cars in the U.S. is well on track.

A groundbreaking ceremony marking the start of construction on the new EV battery plant. The factory will be built near the vehicle production site in Tuscaloosa providing batteries under the product and technology brand EQ.

In conclusion, the groundbreaking ceremony took place in the presence of Jason Hoff, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz U.S International. Also, the Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey and other distinguished regional and international guests at its location in Bibb County, Alabama. The new production site for batteries is located seven miles from the Mercedes-Benz Cars vehicle production site in Tuscaloosa. The Consolidation Center, also announced as part of the 2017 investment announcement, will consist of three major areas. That’s including the body parts preparation area, the assembly parts preparation area and the empties storage. Finally, it is expected to be operational in 2019. 

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