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First off, all these stories with facts and figures about Model 3 Tesla sales numbers. So, You good Elon? What is really going on?!

Therefore, that’s why these numbers will put in things in context. According to InsideEVs, in the first 10 months of 2018, Tesla delivering more than 134,000 all-electric cars.

Model 3
Hence, also, cumulative sales of all three models is now approaching 300,000.  Below are the numbers.

As well, then my buddies at CleanTechnica adds to the 1-2 combo.

In conclusion, you’re going to be shocked. The electric car that respondents most often said they were most likely to buy next (or for the first time in the case of non-EV drivers) was the Tesla Model 3. Over 100,000 reservations ($1,000 each) taken for the car in under 24 hours. Now it went to 400,000 deposits on the Model 3.

So Let that sink in!

Mind you that’s even before the car showing. The demand was through the roof and ended up being the single biggest product show in history by certain key metrics. Finally, so, it is not a surprise in the least that this electric car tops the list of “expected next EV model.”

Let me give a Green Living Guy report too.  There is a parking lot in Mount Kisco, NY that Tesla inventories all the new cars coming in. Before they could do it at the Store.  They have gotten so big that they need also a place as big as a port.  They are delivering at least 250-400 cars regularly.  In less than one week 3/4 are usually gone.  Next day more inventory is shipping into the parking lot.  CAR COMPANIES! WAKE UP!

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