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Just as you’re digging out from the holidays, here’s a tip from Do 1 Thing ENERGY STAR that will help save your wallet and your waist line. Go easy on the leftovers and don’t overstuff your fridge!

Good airflow in your fridge means better efficiency, so avoid an overstuffed fridge. Instead, send your guests home with some leftovers, or take some to a homeless shelter. And remember, keep the fridge door closed until you’ve decided what you want!

Here are some more tips to reduce the amount of energy your refrigerator uses, available at

Set the appropriate temperature.
Keep your refrigerator at 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.
Place your fridge in a cool place.
Position your refrigerator away from a heat source such as an oven, a dishwasher, or direct sunlight from a window.
Allow air circulation behind the fridge.
Leave a few inches between the wall and the refrigerator, and keep the condenser coils clean if you have an older model. Read the user’s manual to learn how to safely clean coils. Coil cleaning brushes can be purchased at most hardware stores.
Check the door seals.
Make sure the refrigerator seals around the door are airtight. If not, replace them.
Keep the door closed.
Minimize the amount of time the refrigerator door is open.
If you buy a new refrigerator, be sure to recycle your old one. Many appliance retailers will pick up and recycle your old refrigerator when you purchase a new one—and some utilities will offer a rebate!.

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