We’ve all heard it, learned it and ate it. But, what does from Farm to Fridge really mean? While the catch phrase is simple, the process is anything but.

Lifweay Kefir has created an infographic (attached) to prove the process and logistics that take place to keep our product good for you and good for the environment.

Here are a few of the Farm to Fridge facts included in the infographic below for your review:

1. There has been an increase in local farms and these farms are becoming bigger fans of sustainable growing practices

2. Producing taking milk and making it into cheese, kefir, or other dairy products is becoming cleaner

3. Lifeway Foods – the country’s largest maker of kefir – has offset enough energy and green power during the production process to avoid carbon emissions from burning almost 39 rail cars full of coal.

4. Transportation is also becoming more shortened to allow farmers to give products closer to them<

5. Walmart has committed to buying $1 billion in food from small and medium-sized local farmers and sustainability doesn’t stop at the store.

6. Consumers are continuing to ask for more natural and organic foods and beverages close to home that will result in an expected 50% increase over the next five years

Taking the “Farm to Fork Movement” to a Whole New Level

So the “farm-to-fork” movement continues to gain momentum in the restaurant scene. For example, the owners of Girard Gourmet in San Diego dare to take the concept to the next level. Owners, Francois and Diane Goedhuys, own and run their very own one acre farm in Julian.  Therefore sourcing fresh produce to include stone fruit, banana squash and a variety of herbs.  Finally, which they blend into their seasonal dishes and libations.Behind the sustainability scenes from Farm to Fridge

While many restaurants join the “farm-to-table” approach by purchasing local ingredients, the restaurateurs of Girard Gourmet are actually growing their own, personalizing the process as they go. They also make better use of food waste by recycling all of their kitchen scraps back into the farm, furthering their specialized process.

Girard Gourmet featured in famed travel guide books, Lonely Planet and Frommer’s.  They wrote as one of La Jolla’s “must-eat” destinations. As well as publications to include National Geographic Traveler, San Diego Home and Garden and VIA Magazine. They have also been featured many times on local media and broadcast stations.

So check out this infographic below on the process.

From farm to fridge: Where does our food come from?

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