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Panasonic USA and Tesla have been at it for years. So has the business plan to expand into malls. Near my home are two stores. One in Mount Kisco, NY and one in White Plains NY. The one place that has been economically depressed has been the American mall. Even in Dutchess County (not even 50 minutes away) is an old mall in need of a boost. This depression of the mall has been for years.

Tesla Model 3

Now with the relative immediate delivery of said Model 3 400,000 deposits supply chains are no longer a barrier. Sales must occur at malls.

So to see the future of buying a car as easy as an iPhone. The future of the car experience can be back to our malls so needing storefront.

So the Tesla Gigafactory is the battery plant building a gigawatt of batteries for the Model 3. This extremely large production need more malls for that Model 3 to be located. This reduces the cost to you since malls are cheap real estate.

Now with the release of the Tesla Model 3 sales are going to increase. So malls are a great place for the volume to be stored.

In 2016, InsideEVs reported Elon Musk wants to see more of his stores in malls and shopping centers near you. Now Mashable in 2018.  So it’s news as much as the following truth.

In Ossining, New York at the Arcadian shopping center over 12-18 fast charging ports are being installed as this article is being written. Things are happening. All around us.

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