Celebrate new evergreen trees in New York

This winter has been especially cold, then warm, then cold. A little grey and not too snowy. However, Trees New York is working to beat the winter blues by planting more evergreen trees in New York!

Trees New York

One day, Trees New York Executive Director saw a cluster of evergreen trees in New York State blanketed in snow. The beautiful scene swept away. His winter doldrums were gone. However, he realized he couldn’t be the only New Yorker who craved color and vitality during the winter months. The Trees New York team agreed. Therefore Evergreening the City was born.

Trees New York’s tree planting initiative provides us with rich green colors all year round. Thereby making our winters a little brighter and the growing season even greener. Evergreen trees not only add beautiful green hues and rich textures to our city streets. Cause they also clean the air all year round. Therefore capturing airborne pollutants even during the winter. Especially when particulate levels are often at their highest.


This upcoming April will be five years old. So Trees New York began kicking off 2014. The growing season of planting five evergreen trees started in East Harlem. Trees New York then used tree planting events as a vehicle to promote environmental awareness. Whether planting a tree on public housing grounds or at a public school. Cause every tree offers a valuable learning opportunity. Since 2005, Trees New York has planted more than 3,000 trees in underserved communities in New York City.

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Urban Forest

A thriving urban forest is invaluable to the overall health of our city. All of Trees New York’s programs are designed to support the vitality of our city’s trees – Evergreening the City also supports New Yorkers through our long winters.

Trees New York, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 1976 as a volunteer response to city cutbacks in tree-related community services. Our mission is to plant, preserve and protect New York City’s urban forest through education, citizen participation and advocacy. For over three decades, Trees New York has been at the forefront of environmental advocacy in New York City.

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Greening the City

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