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So even though I got Tesla solar and will be getting two Powerwalls some people have said things are slow on the Solar Roof side. I don’t take it to heart but still have heard it. So I decided to give a call LOL.

To start and from the Tesla Energy webpage.

In our quest to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, Tesla manufactures infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products – solar panels, Solar Roof, the Powerwall home battery, and the Powerpack battery system. The Powerpack is more for commercial and utility-scale sites.

These products make use of the most sustainable energy source: the sun. In 2017, Tesla began production of solar cells and modules at Gigafactory 2 – a 1.2 million square-foot facility in Buffalo, New York.

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In Q4 2017, Tesla also started manufacturing Solar Roof. This I talked about at CES. However it consists of uniquely designed and extremely durable glass tiles. Those tiles bring sustainable electricity production to any home. Today, there are nearly 800 employees at Gigafactory 2.

Originally a steel manufacturing site, the 88-acre property located along the Buffalo River was transformed to produce solar panels and solar cells. The factory’s original occupant entered into an agreement with the Research Foundation for the State University of New York. Tesla secured Gigafactory 2 through its acquisition of SolarCity in 2016. 

Tesla gigafactory

With the goal of increasing annual capacity beyond 2 GW per year, twice the original estimate for the factory, Tesla continues to steadily ramp operations and production of solar cells, modules and Solar roof with its partner, Panasonic.

In line with agreements with the State of New York, Tesla will create 5,000 clean energy jobs in the state over 10 years. More importantly, many of those in Buffalo. Thereby making the city a hub for sustainable innovation and advanced manufacturing. 

Here’s the Giga 2 website for background reference:

Here’s the most updated news from the Q4 shareholder letter. All which it the latest they’ve shared on the Solar Roof product:

With energy storage to complement rooftop solar, Vivint Solar customers will be able to have more control over the renewable energy they generate. In addition to providing a backup power source if the grid goes down, the new combined solution may help customers reduce energy costs. For instance, in areas with time-of-use electricity rates, customers can store excess solar energy produced by the system during the day in the batteries and then consume it during periods of peak energy usage in the evening and at night when electricity rates are typically higher.

“We therefore plan to ramp up the production of Solar Roof with significantly improved manufacturing capabilities during 2019. That’s based on the design iterations and testing underway. In the meantime, we are continuing to install Solar Roofs at a slow pace. All to therefore gather further learnings from our design changes. As well as about the viability of our installation processes. Thereby we are implementing them in areas around the U.S. Most importantly in areas that are experiencing inclement weather.”

However don’t think twice folks. I got a tweet tonight from someone who works for IEA.

In conclusion, America IS embracing solar. The US is the #2 nation after China. with installed solar. Government buildings may not be the best sites: see C&I (aka on big commercial buildings). Finally, the most efficient and cheapest solar is utility scale on open land

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