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The Georgia Mountain Community Wind farm (GMCW) in located in Milton, Vt.  Georgia Mt started running December 31, 2012. Since, it’s producing more than 1 million kWh Per week.

The project owners of Georgia Mt were two local business leaders and life-long Vermonters. They are renewable energy manufacturer and developer David Blittersdorf. In addition, Georgia Mountain Maples operator Jim Harrison/the Harrison Family.

Now recently brought to light to Green Living Guy but the farm was purchased after 5 years of operation. It was bought by Greenbacker Capital/Renewable Energy.

In conclusion, the energy generating is about 8 percent of Burlington Electric Department’s (BED) electricity demand. Most noteworthy it’s through a long-term stably priced contract.

Finally and for the entire story on the AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) blog site