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Creating positive energy and fostering an eco-friendly space can have many benefits while refreshing for a new season. Lucky for us, sustainability and conservation can take many forms, especially when it comes to home living.

Take a note from the Chinese practice of feng shui to get ready for spring this year. Feng shui is an ancient art of placement dating back over 2,000 years where areas of life are better optimized based on the arrangement of furniture, accents and elements within a specific space.

First things first — start at your front door. Align your home’s structure with the bagua chart to fully take advantage of each section of your home. Once you have matched your structural layout to the map, pick your favorite room and let the energy flow! For an added touch, paint the exterior of your front door for the area in life that you would most like to improve.

In feng shui, green represents several factors. The use of green as a color aligns with the family sector of life and performs best in the center-west segment. Green also symbolizes the earth element and promotes growth, wellbeing and tranquility.

Luckily, creating a healthy home with feng shui is easier than you think. Opening windows and discarding clutter are just a few things to consider when introducing eco-friendly feng shui to your abode.
In sticking with true feng shui principles, take a look at the arrangement of your living room. To start, pull furniture away from walls, windows and beams to appeal to our natural fight or flight response and make a more welcoming, secure space.

Furniture and accents should have rounded or curved edges to prevent “poison arrows” of negative energy from invading your home. On top of that, look for furniture made of feng shui and eco-friendly substances. The sofa is the focal point of the living room so choose styles in durable materials like non-harmful performance fabric or leather.

Bamboo is one of the most popular woods when considering feng shui, so look for coffee tables, frames and other accessories in this energizing material. For an added touch, think about adding bamboo flooring in your next home remodel for a sustainable option with long-lasting attributes.

Don’t forget to incorporate plants as well for a more green space. Having plants throughout your home promotes better air qualityand spruces up plain interiors with vibrant pops of color. Another way to reduce air pollution in your home is by taking care of your rugs and carpets. In the living room, rugs are essential to optimal feng shui. Always have the front legs of furniture on a rug to keep things grounded and stable.

Finally and at the end of your home update, make sure you only keep necessary items. As well as things that bring you joy and help energy. Practicing conscious shopping habits reduces waste. It also strengthens mindfulness and boosts positive energy flow. All in all, feng shui is another great way to apply more thoughtful principles to life. Furthermore and achieve more happiness overall.

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