LEXINGTON, KY – Tight workspaces, crowded floors and ceiling areas.  All are places making it difficult to get cooling airflow to workers. First of all, those workers as we know who need it are the ones needing fans. So bring comfort to these hard-to-reach work areas with the Big Ass Fans® Pivot 2.0.

That’s thanks to a virtually infinite number of speeds and versatile mounting options. Therefore you’ll get precisely the air movement you want. I mean where you want it. Cause a fan from a Pivot 2.0 direct-drive motor means you can count on it to always operate quietly and efficiently.

fan pivot 2.0

In addition, the fan going Pivot 2.0’s easy-to-install, durable steel cage keeps workers safe. It’s made from high-quality materials from Big Ass Fans.  I mean this is the fan that delivers it all.

  1. Cooling air up to 120 feet from fan thanks to a 6-ft diameter and powerful motor
  2. Versatile installation with ceiling, beam and column mounting options

  3. Air in the right spot with 73 airflow positions and variable speed controls

  4. Quiet operation with a direct-drive motor and balanced airfoils

  5. Worry-free performance thanks to a 3 yr warranty. Lifetime on hub and airfoils

Fan pivot 2.0
In conclusion, the entire Pivot 2.0 fan is Intertek/ETL-certified. All to UL 507 and CSA C22.2 No. 113 (that means it’s safe). Also overall folks fans are way more energy efficient than not having fans.

Finally and for more on Pivot 2.0, check out bigassfans.com.

Source: Big Ass Fans: www.BigAssFans.com

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