Yup. It is true. Big Ass Fans out of the Great State of Kentucky hooked me up with a Haiku energy efficient all out fan.

Big Ass Fans says:

“You asked for it, and we heard your request: to make a small fan worthy of being called a Big Ass Fan. Here it is. And it’s the most efficient. The quietest. The most sustainable. Haiku ceiling fans bring Big Ass air movement to even the smallest spaces. A 60” wingspan and lightweight minimalist design make them ideal for rooms with lower ceilings—including hotel rooms, group fitness areas, and classrooms while delivering the perfect combination of elegant appearance, unparalleled energy efficiency, gentle air circulation and silent operation.

So let’s start with a yeeee haawww for Big Ass Fans!! Haiku fans are being talked up out of Kentucky, Texas and frankly nationwide. So, the Green Living Guy Scores big for Green Living With a Haiku Fan!!

Hey Architects & Engineers
Need a DWG, Revit or Guides? Big Ass Fans can Help!! Visit the Architects/Engineers page to download all the stuff you need.

Source: http://www.bigassfans.com/product/haiku/