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Haiku® with SenseME™ has been named Product of the Year by Environmental Leader.  Made by Big Ass Fans, this award from a daily trade publication covers energy, environmental and sustainability news.

The award recognizes original and successful products like those from Big Ass Fans contribute to environmental efforts.  Therefore and most noteworthy, advance the bottom line.

Furthermore, Haiku’s SenseME technology from Big Ass Fans, enhances this elegant fan by monitoring room conditions.  That therefore is including occupancy and temperature.  More interestingly it is adjusting Haiku’s speed to automatically maintain an ideal comfort level as the environment changes.

Don’t forget they gave me one in 2012.  As I wrote

Big Ass Fans
Haiku fans are green living fans!

Yup. It is true. Big Ass Fans out of the Great State of Kentucky hooked me up with a Haiku energy efficient all out fan.







Big Ass Fans says:

“You asked for it, and we heard your request: to make a small fan worthy of being called a Big Ass Fan. Here it is. And it’s the most efficient. The quietest. The most sustainable. Haiku ceiling fans bring Big Ass air movement to even the smallest spaces. A 60” wingspan and lightweight minimalist design make them ideal for rooms with lower ceilings—including hotel rooms, group fitness areas, and classrooms while delivering the perfect combination of elegant appearance, unparalleled energy efficiency, gentle air circulation and silent operation.

So let’s start with a yeeee haawww for Big Ass Fans!! Haiku fans are being talked up out of Kentucky, Texas and frankly nationwide. So, the Green Living Guy Scores big for Green Living With a Haiku Fan!!

Big Ass Fans








The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Haiku® as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR® 2015.

Products qualifying as Most Efficient feature cutting-edge energy efficiency and technological innovation and represent what the EPA hails as the best of ENERGY STAR.

Even Tesla uses Big Ass Fans folks!!!

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