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The three quirky, irreverent new spots are unprecedented for the somewhat conservative government program ENERGY STAR, but LEDs are quickly gaining steam as an alternative to incandescent and CFL lighting, and the EPA wants to get to the 70% of light sockets in the U.S. that still contain inefficient bulbs.

EPA wants to position LEDs as the bright future of lighting. Some quick facts:

Longevity: LEDs are extremely long-lasting. One bulb can last for 20 years with typical use.


Savings: LEDs use 60-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs – one bulb can save up to $135 on energy bills over its lifetime

Quality: ENERGY STAR certified LEDs provide excellent light distribution and color quality, making them a great option for replacing old incandescent bulbs.

Even with all the new lighting choices, it’s still simple: look for the ENERGY STAR for energy savings. Only bulbs with the ENERGY STAR are independently certified, undergoing extensive testing to assure they perform as promised. This is the main message of EPA’s videos – neglecting to look for the ENERGY STAR can have ugly consequences!

The spots can be previewed here: #1:, #2:, #3:

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