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Halton will expand its supply of indoor air solutions with Virgin Voyages. Halton manufactures cruise ship cabins and galleys. Also special solutions for ship restaurants.

So Virgin Voyages ordering 31 made-to-order custom-designed energy-efficient hoods. This is a first of its kind on the market.

So, this innovative design is specially developed for Geonbae. It’s Virgin Voyages’ “Korean BBQ” restaurant. The custom hoods developed and tested collaborating with Virgin Voyages. As well as master shipbuilder Fincantieri. They did this over the course of two years. All at the R&D centre of Halton’s factory in Germany.

In addition to the specially designed hoods, Halton will give Virgin Voyages with galley ventilation solutions. Ones that are highly efficient. Thereby reducing energy consumption by up to 50 percent. That’s from traditional systems. Also and manufactured in Halton’s factory in Lahti, Finland.

Photographer: Courtesy by Virgin Voyages
Photographer: Courtesy by Virgin Voyages

Energy Efficient plus look Amazing

Halton selected to develop this critical new system due to its long-term ability and ability to develop and deliver demanding solutions designed and tested to suit the client’s particular conditions as well as the company’s high-performing and efficient technology.

“Halton not only provides top quality products and latest technologies, but their team of experts allowed us to challenge the things as they are and develop an industry leading custom solution, which will allow us to bring our lively Geonbae restaurant to life while also helping us do our goal to join smart technologies across the ship that help us limit our environmental impact,” said Frank Weber, Senior Vice President of Hotel operations for Virgin Voyages.

Photographer: Courtesy by Virgin Voyages
Photographer: Courtesy by Virgin Voyages

“Our close cooperation with Virgin Voyages has provided us with a truly inspiring opportunity. One to develop together new visionary solutions drawing on our knowledge of demanding indoor environments. Also including. sustainable energy-efficient ventilation. Most interestingly, at the same time, they will give to the wellbeing. Let’s not forget the best-in-class cruise experience. All for the people on board. In all, we are very happy to be in the heart of our mission in this project,” said Sami Piirainen, Director of Halton Marine.

In conclusion, Halton’s deliveries include

Finally, Halton began order deliveries for the Scarlet Lady in October 2018. All from the Lahti factory. The ship completed in early 2020.

Source: Halton Group

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