Live with Kelly and Michael were broadcast during the show’s 25th season. I was on this season for the follow up on my back wax when Regis was there. However besides the fact I was excited AF because of Michael Strahan too.

camera on set

Yet most noteworthy, Michael Strahan sent everyone’s jaws to the floor when he announced in April 2016 that he was leaving the daytime talk show Live! with Kelly and Michael for Good Morning America.

News of his departure enraged co-host Kelly Ripa and launched one of the biggest scandals daytime television had seen in years. Source: Nicky Swift

So when I got a chance to be on Live with Kelly and especially Michael Strahan. I mean MR NY GIANT Besides Lawrence Taylor and Phil Sims ok I could go on but I mean Strahan was a beast on the defense. A beast. He just loved his job like LT did and loved watching him any given Sunday.

So at first I thought maybe I’d get to go down there. NO! LOL oh well. Now maybe hopefully Good Morning America.

They said just take a Picture. So I did. I actually and ironically was just doing laser on my back lasered that day and when getting home I hear this. So boom.

I mean I was test driving the Porsche Cayenne Plugin Hybrid Electric. So I thought why not!

So I think they thought I am nuts. I have heard that before. It’s ok. They say that about you on the way up. I’ve heard that.

Yes it was one of my heroes.

The famous quote “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” originated with Mahatma Gandhi.

Now I don’t want to fight anyone. I am a #loveactivist however I’m even humbled. Anytime to be on TV. ANY TIME! Thank you Kelly and even Gelman (her producer). I’m humbled.