Tesla Goes Zero to 100 Real Quick. Real F Quick!!

To starters and as I’ve written before:

Sustainability – Lithium Ion Batteries, Power Wall, Solar Panels

Consequently, Tesla and Panasonic have partnered. They partnered to mass-produce lithium ion battery cells at the Gigafactory. This NextGen battery is being used in the Tesla powerwall. The powerwall a residential breakthrough that pairs with a solar energy solution. Then it creates a responsible home energy management system.

These batteries are very very Energy dense. That means they are powerful and can more than push a car forward. Ludicrous mode feels like G Force.

Lithium ion Tesla inc powerwall and Model 3

People don’t know unless they have driven in a Tesla Roadster, Model S or 3 or X or Y and have gone ludicrous mode. You just have no idea how fast that Tesla can go.

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