Canada’s Ontario Provincial Police offered up a glimpse of the future of policing at this year’s edition of the Canadian International Autoshow: a Tesla Model X P90D outfitted for use as a pursuit vehicle.

Future of policing gone Tesla Motors Electric car

The SUV was given a black-and-white paint job. In addition the OPP badge, and a working siren. However it’s not on the patrol yet. Yes heads up and more importantly “for the time being”. Cause it’s just for demonstrative purposes. The vehicle was apparently a generous donation from a friend. OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt described the cruiser as the following!

“what the future of policing looks like down the road,”

That’s all according to a report from Tech Crunch.

Ontario’s police force wouldn’t be the first. You know the first to take advantage of Tesla’s electric vehicles. Firstly and in August 2017, it was confirmed that Luxembourg’s Grand-Ducale police department would start using Model S sedans. All part of an effort to transition away from gas and diesel-powered autos.

Finally and For the entire story on Futurism

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