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Most noteworthy, when you see the Miami Tower, it is an iconic symbol of the city. It makes a dramatic statement in the downtown skyline. All a state-of-the-art exterior LED lighting system.

Most noteworthy, the LED system cuts energy usage by 92 percent. Also, it’s saving tenants and the building owners. Savings more importantly equaling more than $260,000 per year. That’s combined energy and other related operating costs. Also, it cuts CO2 emissions by more than 1.2 million pounds.

Source: Color Kinetics

More interestingly, LED lighting constantly offering custom light shows created. More noteworthy this is in support of tenants, holidays, civic and charitable groups, and other organizations. Cause they are all promoting or commemorating special events. Thereby further cementing the building’s status. Status as an icon on the Miami skyline.

Also the Miami Tower rises 47 stories and offers 623,000 square feet of commercial space. So the team of Jones Lang LaSalle, Philips Color Kinetics and LED Source. They all identified the ideal LED lighting solution. Purely based on long-term operational savings. More importantly, the fact that it reflected the commitment to advanced technology. Technology most importantly by LaSalle Investment Management, the building’s owner.

The installation team replaced 382 metal halide lights that consumed 1,000 watts each. So limited to only a few static colors and with 216 ultra-modern LED fixtures. All able to produce 16 million colors and hundreds of dynamic lighting effects. The system is managed by a software application. One that allows operators to change the tower lighting at a keystroke and almost in real-time.

Finally, the exterior lighting retrofit is the most prominent element. Element of a broader initiative to cut energy and water usage. Thereby and to follow sustainable management practices at Miami Tower.

Source: Philips Lighting

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