Collaborating for a Brighter, More Resilient Energy Future in Puerto Rico

At a critical juncture, the island has the opportunity to improve access to affordable and reliable energy while cutting carbon emissions

(SAN JUAN – Mar. 21, 2019) Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) unveiled a vision to collaborate with communities, technical experts, businesses and investors. All to therefore build low-carbon microgrids in Puerto Rico. More importantly bring reliable, clean and affordable electricity to rural areas of the island.

This is described at the “BlackStart 2019: Future of Energy Summit” in San Juan. The plan will help modernize Puerto Rico’s electric grid and improve the system’s resilience.

Low-carbon microgrids will consequently play an important role in Puerto Rico’s energy future. These systems can fuel up on solar power, store it in batteries and deliver affordable, clean and reliable energy where people need it most. They can connect to the larger grid and also as a result disconnect during blackouts.  Thereby to keep electricity flowing to hospitals, traffic lights, schools and other critical services.

Puerto Rico energy future

Mr. Krupp expressed a sense of urgency to find a lasting solution to Puerto Rico’s energy crisis. He outlined the organization’s all-inclusive approach. An approach to therefore make microgrids sustainable and scalable. They do this by combining technology and energy reform combining with public grants. Then they add philanthropic funds and more interestingly impact-focused private capital. 

Tesla power at Hospital de Nino in Puerto Rico Tesla

First of all, BlackStart 2019 was organized by the Center for a New Economy. It is the first in a series of multi-annual events. All thereby designed to provide the platform necessary for thinking, imagining and planning. Most noteworthy and finally is the way we will solve this crisis. The crisis to fulfill a vision for Puerto Rico’s energy future. 

AES’s pair of 10 MW, 30-minute-duration battery energy storage arrays in the Dominican Republic.

Source: Environmental Defense Fund (

In conclusion and finally, EDF is a leading international nonprofit organization. EDF creates transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. EDF likewise links science, economics, law, and innovative private-sector partnerships. So Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Energy Program blog.