Drive Electric Hudson Valley Launches Campaign With Mount Kisco Volvo

Based on the rollout of three plugin hybrid models now and inventory in stock and support around the Mount Kisco area, Drive Electric Hudson Valley said it was time for Volvo to be part of our program too.

Therefore after discussions, we are working with Mount Kisco Volvo to let people know about their electrified vehicles.

Even Corporate is seeing enormous demand for its electrified models. Their CEO even expects sales to rise even further by the end of the year. CEO Hakan Samuelsson, admitted that Volvo has underestimated demand but said they are “tripling the capacity”.

Meanwhile, according to Volvo Cars, it expects its profit margins on electric cars to be the same as those on cars with internal combustion engines by 2025.

The current focus on plug-in hybrids. All will soon be supplemented by an electric car offensive which the carmaker has announced as early as 2017.

Volvo XC90 Plugin Hybrid Electric AWD SUV

Standard XC90 T8 eAWD Plug-in Hybrid goes for Before incentives and tax credits $67,000. It’s got 400HP, 472lb. ft of torque and an average 27 MPG highway. Also around town 62 MPGe.

Volvo XC60 Plugin Hybrid Electric AWD SUV

The T8 eAWD Plug-in Hybrid R-Design starts at $71,950.

All the while Inscription version does for $73,050! However if you really want, the 487hp is $125,000. All of them 62 mpgE.

Volvo Plugin Hybrid S60 sedan

In addition the 2019 XC60 starts at $55,300. As well as the S60 starting at $55,045. Finally the S90 starting prices at $63,900.

Volvo Plugin Hybrid S90 sedan

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