Don’t minimize your impact on Earth. Small adjustments to your home and lifestyle can benefit the environment. Choosing to live more sustainably at home helps contribute to both a healthier living space and a cleaner planet. Here are some easy, eco-friendly ways to upgrade your home and create a healthy living environment.


Your bathroom uses a lot of water and energy. It’s also a popular room where families maintain a healthy wellness regime. There are many ways to improve your bathroom’s efficiency to create a healthier home and lifestyle. Turn to home improvement solutions like taking on a full remodel or opt for a less time-consuming option like replacing your old toilet. High-efficiency toilets use 1.6 gallons of water or less each time you flush, so upgrading to this type of toilet will benefit you, your wallet, and the environment. 

While replacing your toilet, consider upgrading your pipes to environmentally friendly plumbing. Before you begin a project like this, you should do a quick search on your phone for plumbers near me to find and hire a local professional to inspect the current condition of your pipes. This is wise if you want to avoid any plumbing issues or even worse, disasters! 

Laundry Room

Energy efficiency is a significant factor for individuals looking to purchase a new home. According to the 2019 NAHB report,What Home Buyers Really Want, 91 percent of home buyers want a laundry room in their home, and 54 percent say it’s a must-have. Since a laundry room is an essential feature included in most homes, it’s important to focus on how to use less energy in this space. 

When you use less energy, you reduce the number of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and help protect the earth’s natural resources. To create an eco-conscious laundry room, swap out old, inefficient washers and dryers with eco-friendly models. Doing this not only creates a healthier home but a healthier environment, too. Look for ENERGY STAR certified products to help save money on your utility bills while protecting the planet. 

Using products that are safe for you and your home is essential. If you’d like to avoid exposing you and your family to harsh chemicals, consider using a concentrated detergent. They are kind to both your skin and the environment and require less water to make. Using eco-friendly products and investing in new, energy-smart appliances for washing and drying your clothes will help improve your eco-footprint and free up some time in your day to spend doing the things you love with your family at home.


For most homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of a home. And the more environmentally savvy your kitchen, the more your home, family, and the earth will benefit. Consider home composting to help green your kitchen. The benefits of composting go beyond your kitchen since the process enriches the soil, which helps plants grow.

Looking for a more convenient (yet incredibly impactful) way to create a healthier kitchen? Commit to a recycling routine. Most products you buy at the store are designed for easy recycling. Involve the whole family in your recycling journey, especially young children. Teaching kids the importance of recycling and the powerful impact green practices make on your home will help them appreciate the activity more, and it can be an engaging learning activity!

Take some time this spring to examine the efficiency of your home. You can save money in the long run by incorporating these (and other) eco-friendly upgrades into your home.

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