If you love living green, Los Angeles County may not be the first place that comes to mind. But even though it’s a modern, fast-paced urban city, it’s more. Yes, there are several reasons why Los Angeles is among the top 10 cities for green living. That’s in the United States, according to WorldAtlas.com. Los Angeles, full of amazing outdoor experiences. A nature lover looking for a green place to live. So take a look at what Los Angeles has to offer.

Roots in the Arts District

The Arts District of Los Angeles is rapidly developing a eco-conscious reputation. Residents actively support a lifestyle of green living. Within the community, businesses take part in recycling, water conservation, and there have been new construction and renovations of the neighborhood’s lofts in favor of the greener lifestyle. Many of the lofts in the area come fully equipped with high-efficiency, modern appliances and has a walk score of 87.


Not only does Los Angeles come with green apartments, but you’ll also be close to parks, mountains and beaches all around. If you’re just starting to consider an apartment somewhere in Los Angeles, take a look on ForRent.com to see what’s available.

Flowers in Bloom

Los Angeles isn’t all skyscrapers and freeways. If your idea of relaxing is being enveloped by nature, LA area has you covered. Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is just an hour north of LA. The Antelope Valley boasts seasonal colors and scents that vary from year to year. The wildflower season begins as early as mid-February and lasts through late-May. A variety of wildflowers create a mosaic of color that changes daily and is an ideal place to hike.

The Huntington Botanical Gardens is also a wonderful place for nature-lovers; containing 12 gardens and 15,000 plant varieties makes this place a museum of plants. You can learn more about the different gardens and even the history of the gardens on the website.

The J. Paul Getty Museum up on a hill overlooking Los Angeles boasts gorgeous views of the city. Also more interestingly host to a labyrinth of gardens, maintained by the estate.

Toes in the Sand

With a home in Los Angeles County, you’ll never be too far from the beach. There are a number of choices you have once you start driving on the Pacific Coast Highway. Manhattan Beach is beautiful for its scenic view and features an aquarium open to the public. Among the beach life, Manhattan Beach is well known for its food and gives the nature lovers fantastic options in dining.

Venice Beach is iconic for its colorful mix of people and lively events on the boardwalk. You can catch street performers, musicians, and be amazed by bodybuilders at muscle beach. Further along the Pacific Coast Highway, you can visit Long Beach, famous for housing the Aquarium of the Pacific. With both marine and botanical exhibits, nature lovers will have plenty of opportunities to learn more about sea life. Check out Travel Channel’s list of Southern California beaches to visit.

In conclusion and with tons of local parks, hiking trails and beaches, Los Angeles is sure to please and amaze nature lovers from all around. Freeways connect all major parts of the city. So you’ll always have quick access to wherever you’re headed. However though you might enjoy getting around on a bike or walking.

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