On April 17, 2019 the Town Board of East Greenbush, NY voted unanimously against the proposed Bethlehem, East & North Greenbush, NY “E37 Resiliency & Reliability” Pipeline. Many citizens have come out fighting for a better environmental solution to our energy needs, including members of Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline who supported the East Greenbush Town Board’s decision.

Our fight against this fracked gas pipeline proposal began late in the process due to the paucity and limited nature of National Grid’s pipeline announcements. It predicts to earn the required certificate to begin construction of this fracked gas pipeline by the end of this summer.

Please help to stop this environmental threat by writing to: beckyjmeier@gmail.com or to: info@stopnypipeline.org .
Consider submitting public comments to the NYS Public Service Commission, the lead agency, by going to: http://documents.dps.ny.gov/public/Comments/PublicComments.aspx?MatterCaseNo=19-T-0069

To get comment ideas and to read the actual resolution against the pipeline passed by the East Greenbush Town Board, go to: http://www.caseonline.org .
The purported deadline for public comments is April 24, 2019.

Some of the comments are by pro pipeline forces who are sweeping aside the many non pipeline alternatives in the name of progress.
National Grid’s pipeline justification is to prevent an energy shortage, which, indeed, has never even occurred. Another rationale is to meet a projected increase in “energy demand of 1.1% per year which is easily met by very attainable “demand response” reduction measures such as use of renewables, conservation and efficiencies.

Public officials of Albany or Rensselaer county or residents of Bethlehem, East or North Greenbush, have a right to register as an “intervenor” to obtain “party status” with the NYS Public Service Commission. This would entitle one to “special rights” from the Public Service Commission.

For much more detailed information about this fracked gas proposal, go to: