Australian Clean Energy Electric Vehicle Group (ACE-EV) has signed a deal to begin assembling carbon fiber composite and plastic electric vans. Located as well at the Aldom manufacturing plant in Wingfield, north of Adelaide’s CBD.

Personally I think this great because it focuses on another market segment in transport. VANS!

ACE-EV managing director Greg McGarvie said he was determined. Determined to bring the electric vehicle industry to Australia. More noteworthy and for the sake of his grandchildren’s future.

ACE-EV cargo

An ACE-EV cargo electric vehicle.

McGarvie said the company had orders for 100 already. Orders for electric delivery vans to be assembled at the plant. Furthermore, hoping to scale up to 15,000 electric vehicles by 2025.

He said ACE-EV would also employ between 10 and 18 people. That’s mind you in its first year. In addition, expecting to use about 3000 square meters of Aldom Motor Body Builders’ 12,000 sqm Wingfield site. That’s where Aldom currently designs and manufactures Australian custom commercial vehicles.

“This state will be the first in Australia. The first manufacturing electric vehicles,” he said.

As well they mentioned to be working on this for four years. Dedicating this to his grandchildren.

In addition, McGarvie said the vehicles would mainly sell on the export market. Furthermore and aiming to use local suppliers.

Consequently, it also had partnerships with companies in Germany and Taiwan.

He also told InDaily the South Australian Government had been the most “proactive”.

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