Lewes, DE (May 13, 2019)  The Environmental Credit Score Foundation (ECSF) announced today a Notice of Allowance issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in response to the founder’s patent application. The ECSF is working to establish a revolutionary new way to fight climate change with an environmental credit scoring system designed to encourage individuals, businesses and other entities to work together to promote hands-on environmental practices. 

The patent application, titled “Methods and systems for environmental credit scoring” pertains to the environmental credit scoring system that assigns a score to  participating companies, organizations or individual’s “environmental creditworthiness.” 

The scoring system is designed to benefit companies, organizations and individuals making a positive environmental impact. The Environmental Credit Scoring System will allow consumers access to information on environmentally friendly products,services, companies and organizations; improving corporate and personal practices and promoting green consumer purchasing decisions. 

An Environmental Credit Score represents the environmental footprint of an individual, business, or other entity. 

Implementation of the scoring system will significantly increase consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and services andhelp green business owners market their companies. Establishing an international environmental credit scoring system will create for the first time the opportunity for individuals, businesses and other entities to work together to protect the environment, while also serving their self-interests.

“I’m very pleased that the U.S. Patent Office has acknowledged the novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability of the patent application,” said Maher Abdelsamie, founder and president. “This response has strengthened the resolve to establish an international environmental credit scoring systemthat allows businesses, organizations and individuals to take an active role in minimizing their environmental impact and positively affect theimminent threat of climate change.”

The USPTO previously approved the founder’s Patent Prosecution Highway petition due to a fully favorable international search and written opinion ISR/WO of the PCT patent application. The PPH petition makes the patent application “special” and speeds up the examination process. The ECSF launched an online petition on Change.org thatindividuals can sign to show their support and join the scoring system when it launches. The petition also encourages companies and decisionmakers to provide grant funding to support the launch of the program. 

“To ensure we spark an international movement, I am filing international patent applications with the EU, China, Russia, Egypt, Israel, and other countries,” said Abdelsamie. “I look forward to collaborating with partners around the world as we launch the first international Environmental Credit Scoring System.

About the Environmental Credit Score Foundation

The Environmental Credit Score Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Lewes, DE. Its mission is to establish an Environmental Credit Scoring System which assigns a numerical score to indicate a company or individual’s “environmental creditworthiness” based on their environmental activities and impact.

Watch the video What is an Environmental Credit Score and How it will be calculated?

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