Westchester County, NY Alternatives to New Fracked Gas Pipeline

National Grid is proposing Pipeline E37 Reliability and Resiliency Project because the “current system is supply constrained during peak times” and the new pipeline would “allow for diverse sources of natural gas to enter the distribution system, enhancing the reliability of the natural gas system to serve the region…”  However, we know that there are non-pipeline alternatives to this unverified “problem” in Albany and Rensselaer Counties area. 

Take a look at the following non-pipeline initiatives.

Westchester County is experiencing so-called “peak time” shortages according to the Con Edison company and, nonetheless Con Edison has been creative in finding renewable energy solutions to its energy needs. 

1.Project NYSERDA Westchester Clean Energy Plan·      The Clean Energy Action Plan provides relief for businesses and residents affected by a utility company gas moratorium. Through the plan, the State will help:

a.     Lower energy costs for consumers

b.     Promote economic development

c.      Provide additional resources for community awareness and support

·      As part of this plan, the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) is offering increased incentives for programs to help communities, businesses, and individuals access reliable clean energy alternatives to natural gas.

2.     NY-GEO recently hosted a presentation on NYSERDA’s plan to boost heat pump installations in Westchester County as the solution to the moratorium. Here is the presentation:  https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0326/2837/files/Westchester_Clean_Energy_Action_Plan_Webinar_3-27-19.pdf?73 . The plan includes modest increases in incentives for residential installations and a series of support measures for commercial and multifamily installations. NY-GEO has organized heat pump stakeholders in responding to the moratorium.

3.     NYPA is offering low cost financing services to its customers: https://www.publicpower.org/index.php/periodical/article/nypa-offers-financing-services-under-clean-energy-action-plan

4.     Con Edison support is also available and it will provide additional incentives for customers ranging from $500 to $5000!!: https://www.coned.com/en/save-money/convert-to-natural-gas/westchester-natural-gas-moratorium/alternatives-to-natural-gas

What works in Westchester County will work in Albany and Rensselaer Counties for National Grid too.

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