In support of World Water Week  and water purification designs, I’d like to share the following infographic. It’s by the University of Florida’s Environmental Management program. Thereby showing how water related diseases taking over.

As written before:

First off all, over half of the world’s population equaling 4.5 billion. The world’s population overall as a result does not have adequately managed sanitation. Hence, unsafe sanitation services as a result enabling excrement into water. So the water isn’t  treated or disposed of safely.

In conclusion, this infographic highlights five water purification designs for developing countries. As well as also examining water related diseases. That’s such as Malaria and Cholera. The graphic also details water purification solutions, such as solar purification and water purifying bicycles.

Finally and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 748 million people lack access to uncontaminated drinking water related sources. Moreover, WHO estimates that 1.8 billion people use a fecally contaminated drinking water source. So 2.5 billion lack access to improved sanitation facilities. Therefore water purification designs are needed now. Because more than 840,000 people die from water related diseases annually.

For more information, check out the full infographic below from the University of Florida.

Water related diseases. UF Online Infographic: Five Water Purification Designs for Developing Countries
UF Online B.S. in Environmental Management

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