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The Importance of Recycling by Total Waste

It’s now more important than ever to make sure you are recycling as much as possible. I mean especially in a home renovation and wherever possible. The average UK household produced more than a ton of waste every year. If you combine this with the total current amount of households in the UK, this equates to around 31 MILLION tons of waste. Let’s put another way: produced every year.

With so much waste and rubbish being produced, it can be hard for households to know exactly what to do with it all. Many people in their busy lives don’t remember to recycle their waste properly, meaning there’s lots of missed recycling opportunity and excess waste that is put into landfill or burn or even ending up in our oceans and rivers.

If you’re curious to know the positive impact of recycling and the importance it has for our planet, keep on reading! You’ll also be able to learn ways you can effectively handle your waste when working on a home renovation or business project.

how to make your home renovation and business sustainable with recycling

Saves Landfill Space

One of the most important aspects of recycling is that it keeps as much waste away from landfill as possible. Landfill space is quickly filling up, however, a lot of that space is being unnecessarily used up by things that could have been properly recycled.

So if you’re working on a home renovation project that’s resulted in a lot of waste. Then you can always use domestic waste removal services.

Because they’ll happily and seamlessly take away your waste for you, ensuring that everything that can be recycled actually gets recycled. This means you can take that all important step closer to doing your bit for our planet.

Saves Energy

So while you may be thinking “doesn’t it take a lot of energy to recycle products?”: you’re right. However, it takes a considerable amount more to produce products from brand new. If you recycle as much as possible, you’re reducing the energy used in the producing new products.

Take plastic products, for example. If you have lots of plastic waste from your commercial clearance project, you can put this into a hired commercial skip and we can take this way for you to be sorted by our expert team of pickers. The plastic can then be recycled into new plastic products. Therefore it would use far less energy than creating all-new plastic products.

Protects Our Forests

A vast amount of forestry and trees have to be cut down and destroyed to create new, paper-based products for consumers. This can have a huge impact on the natural habitats of creatures in the wild, as well as using a lot of energy and resources to cut down the trees.

However, if you send your paper products such as old newspapers, scrap paper and other waste paper products to be recycled, you can have a direct impact on how many trees are cut down to create paper-based products from scratch.

Pollution is Reduced

When waste is sent to landfill, it sits and festers and releases greenhouse gases as it begins to rot. Do you know the foul smell that clogs your nose when you drive past a landfill site? That’ll be all the harmful toxins and gases being released into the air and polluting our planet.

However, when you recycle waste instead of sending it to landfill, you’ll be actively doing your part to reduce pollution. Are you worried about going ahead with your home renovation project due to worrying about where your waste will end up? If so, you can always take advantage of our domestic skip hire service. You can confidently fill these skips up knowing that they’ll handle the waste appropriately. Thereby ensuring your waste is sent to the right place, not just mindlessly dumped into a landfill site.

How We Do Our Bit

So at Total Waste Services, they have years of experience. Because they’ve worked with all kinds of renovation projects. All as a result produce all kinds of waste. We know how waste removal companies operate. As well as having an understanding of domestic and commercial needs. Especially when it comes to the effective removal of waste.

In fact, not only do they strive ensuring clients are fully compliant with the latest legislation. All the while aiming to send as little to landfill as possible. When you use their home renovation or waste removal services, they make sure to sort through your waste. Therefore diverting as much away from the landfill as possible. As well as making sure that everything recyclable gets recycled. In conclusion and if you’re thinking of renovating your house or clearing your office, make sure you contact them get in touch with them.

They can professionally and effectively handle your waste removal. As well as offer you fast and reliable skip hire services.

Finally, their mission is to slowly but surely reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Thereby increasing the recycling opportunities that are available to us but sometimes missed.

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