Houseplant so much so is the way to go green in the home. Houseplants are a natural decor option for your home that can breathe life into your home and dress up any plain spots you may have in a room. Plants are also a great option to naturally filter the air. Certain plants can absorb pollutants and help you breathe better.

For example, peace lilies are great for cleaning up ammonia and benzene.

In addition to health benefits, you should also consider other factors in your home. Some plants are beautiful but can also be poisonous to any furry friends you have in your home. Some houseplants require more sun and water than other plants, so this means you have to think about what type of plant works best in the spot you’re planning to fill. With all of these factors in mind, how can you even begin to narrow down your selection?

In addition, ProFlowers created a handy flowchart quiz to help you find the best indoor houseplant for your home! So answer a few questions about your home habits.  Because your own personality will see what plant will work best for your lifestyle.

Finally and attribution to ProFlowers with this graphic.

Houseplant chart