GARDENA, CA – There’s nothing like the comfort and relaxation of outdoor living. Especially in the summer months. Now there’s eco friendly, energy-efficient way. A way to enjoy the indoor-outdoor spaces in your home. Also  commercial properties all year round. As a result, with Infratech infrared heating systems.

Infratech offers a complete line of eco-friendly infrared heating systems. Systems that can add comfort and sophistication. In addition, systems to a wide range of residential and commercial environments. Some are patios, terraces, Infratech infrared heaters are a great eco-friendly choiceverandas, enclosed areas and any indoor or outdoor settings. That’s where heated air cannot be easily contained and re-circulated. Our heaters feature a medium wave quartz element. Heaters that emits a safe, clean wavelength of light. One that is only absorbed by solid objects. Transferring heat directly to a person, table or floor rather than heating the air. You’ll enjoy radiant, comfortable heat that won’t “blow away” in windy conditions. All with a barely discernible, pleasing glow. A glow that will not affect the ambience of your gathering.

What I have also learned is that these heaters offer silent Infratech infrared heating systems are a great eco-friendly choiceoperation without the harsh glare or bright-colored light of competitive halogen or short-wave heaters. All  without the harmful emissions, odors or negative environmental effects. Effects created by gas heaters and outdoor fireplaces.

A really amazing part. So Infratech infrared heating systems over 90% energy efficient. Don’t forget UL listed for outdoor and indoor use. In addition, easy and inexpensive to operate.

Whether you’re outfitting a terrace in your home or seeking a versatile heating solution for a large commercial property. Infratech offers a wide range of standard and customized design and control capabilities. All to suit the needs of your space. There offering control options. Options that range from simple systems.  Systems with on/off switches to comprehensive custom controls. Controls integrated into home management systems.

So in conclusion and to wrap up here:

Most importantly, Infratech infrared heating systems are great. Because it’s so the eco-friendly choice. That finally because:

1. They’re over 90% efficient;

2. More importantly, they emit zero greenhouse gases.

3. They can be set on a timer to save energy.

4. All heater components & packaging are made in the USA.

5. All components & packaging are completely recyclable.

Source: INFRATECH, [JULY 17, 2013]

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