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A GREEN village aka Lochiel Park Green Village have homes with minimum 7.5 star energy efficiency ratings. Proving zero carbon communities achievable saving residents money.

The Lochiel Park Green Village in South Australia’s capital Adelaide. It consists of about 100 suburban homes. All powered by rooftop solar. Water efficiency measures include rainwater becoming re-used hot water. In addition, recycled stormwater for toilets. As well as washing machine waste for irrigation.



The homes use less than one-third of the energy usually normally needed. That’s maintaining thermal comfort. In addition included in these low carbon dwellings, energy efficient lighting, solar hot water and appliances.


South Australia’s first zero carbon home was completed at Lochiel Park. That’s a Renewal SA project founded in 2013. The carbon dioxide produced by the home over its 50-year life will be offset. Offset within 32 years through cutting-edge sustainability systems.

Research on Energy

In addition, Researchers at the University of South Australia studied the energy consumption. Also and the generation of Lochiel Park Green Village.

The investigation looked at the value propositions of the zero carbon housing policy. As a result they found that homes generated more energy than they consumed.

However, Lead researcher Stephen Berry said the financial benefits also apply. Applied to the broader population.

In energy efficiency, for every dollar invested, the person gets $2.50 in economic gain. By having super efficient homes, that can cope with heat waves stress conditions. Thereby you end up lowering total operating costs for everyone in the community.

Therefore this can create energy savings and benefits of $1.3bn across the state. So even though collected data came from Adelaide, it doesn’t matter. Because this concept works everywhere.

Lochiel Park homeowner Willie Smyth said his home allowed his family to feel comfortable throughout the year and eliminated almost all energy costs.

The research funded by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL). Pushing for a national zero carbon housing standard.

CRCLCL Chief Executive Deo Prasad said Lochiel Park proves whole communities developed can become carbon neutral.

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  1. I love this small footprint, high tech, ultra modern look. If I didn’t have so many books, I could probably live in a house like that.

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