Most companies these days claim some sort of CSR or environmental angle. However, I wanted to bring a young and very successful brand to your attention. One that also really walks the walk.

United by Blue is for Clean Water

United By Blue is an apparel and lifestyle accessories company. One that was founded in 2010 (as a B-Corp) and a mission to clean up the world’s waterways. The company removes one pound of trash from an ocean or waterways. That’s more importantly for every product sold!

So far the company has pulled more than a million pounds of trash out of the water. That is in the last eight years years.

They don’t donate proceeds to other organizations. Consequently they do the hard work themselves. It’s frankly what keeps them inspired and motived. As a result, come to work everyday. Back a few years ago they reported being a multimillion dollar company.


United By Blue’s focus on clean water comes at an important time too. Because the world’s oceans and rivers are in bad shape. A new report published in February predicts dire consequences for the world’s aquatic life if water pollution isn’t significantly reduced:

However check this out!!

A new pair of Levi’s® from old T-shirts? Welcome to the future of truly sustainable fashion.
Levi Strauss & Co. has partnered with textile technology startup Evrnu™, SPC to create the world’s first jean – in the form of pair of Levi’s® 511® jeans – using five discarded cotton T-shirts to make new fiber. The cutting-edge method not only converts consumer waste into renewable fiber. So it also uses 98 percent less water than virgin cotton products. All  according to Evrnu data. Although some virgin cotton was used, this represents a huge breakthrough in recycling technology.

Each year in the U.S. alone, 13.1 million tons of textile waste is created. That’s still with 11 million tons ending up in landfills. Until now, there hasn’t been a viable solution to turn old clothes into new without compromising quality or strength. But by being able to breathe new life into used clothes. So both companies are embracing the vision of creating a circular economy  

Thereby one that extends the life of cotton and eliminates waste.

For LS&Co., this collaboration is part of a wider innovation and sustainability strategy. We’re taking a more holistic approach to sustainable product design with our Wellthread® products, which consider social, environmental and economic sustainability factors. We also recently open sourced our Water<Less® finishing techniques globally to increase adoption across the apparel industry and reduce water consumption overall.
With 68 percent of the amount of water used to create a pair of jeans going toward fiber production alone, we recognize the opportunity to reduce water use at the cotton growing stage.

Finally, these guys are not only doing their part, but are bringing a lot of attention toward ocean and river pollution.

All through every aspect of their business. In just 5 years, the company’s products are sold in over 400 outlets nationally and they operate 3 brick and mortar stores that carry their name.

Earth Day (April 22) just past (Earth Day every day!). However World Oceans Day (June 8) coming up. In conclusion, what’s your contribution to save the world from Plastics. See how you can help with Unite By Blue!

Unite by Blue water conservation