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Can you keep your cool, even in the middle of summer? Summer officially starts Friday, June 21, heralding the hottest months of the year. Staying comfortable doesn’t have to mean upping your energy usage.

We spoke with Jennifer Amann, director of ACEEE’s buildings program, to get her tips and tricks for beating the heat without high energy bills.

As I wrote, The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released a Report highlighting 16 energy efficient policies. As well as ro advance ACEEE’s buildings program. Policies that remove market barriers across the economy to investments in energy efficiency.

ACEEE’s buildings program for Smarthome


The report, Overcoming Market Barriers and Using Market Forces to Advance Energy Efficiency, provides Congress and state policymakers with a road map to address national energy consumption through policies that could save the country approximately $1 trillion in energy bills and 19 quads in energy consumption.

How do you fight the heat while staying energy efficient?

I let my smart thermostat do its job by setting it and forgetting it. Recommended summer settings are 78°F when at home and 83°F or higher when away.

We also use ceiling fans to help stay cool. The fan makes it feel a few degrees cooler than the thermostat setting. This is particularly nice for sleeping on hot, humid nights as we have here in the mid-Atlantic…

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By Kate Doughty, Communications and Marketing Assistant

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